Brass Gaumukhi Shringi for Abhishek, Pure Brass Pot for Bathing the God

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About this item

  • The brass Gaumukhi Shringi Pot is an essential ritual vessel for pouring sacred liquids like Ghee, Gangajal, Madhu & Water.
  •  This Shringi is made of high-quality brass, which ensures it can last for an extended period.
  •  It is designed with a cow head, giving it a religious and spiritual appeal.
  •  Its unique design allows for a steady flow of water, which is ideal for bathing Gods.
  •  It is lightweight and easy to carry around, making it perfect for use in religious ceremonies.
  •  The handle is ergonomically designed to make it comfortable and easy to hold.
  •  The pot is used to perform sacred Rudra Abhishekam purposes to honour Gods.
  •  It is a perfect gift for people who like to perform religious ceremonies.
  •  Brass Gaumukhi Shringi Pot is ideal for worshipers of Indian Gods and Goddesses.

What is Gaumukhi Shringi?

Brass Shringi is a commonly used item in Rudrabhishek. According to ancient texts, Shringi was used during the Vedic times as a symbol of purity, strength, and divinity. 

It is also said to have the power to absorb negative energies and protect the worshippers from evil forces. During the Rudrabhishek ceremony, Shringi sprinkles water on the Shivlinga, which represents Lord Shiva’s phallus, hence purifying it. Hindus believe that using Shringi during Rudrabhishek not only pleases Lord Shiva but also helps the worshippers attain inner peace and spiritual growth. Therefore, it is an essential item in the puja rituals and is used with great devotion and respect.

What is the importance of Bull Horn Gaumukhi Shringi For Abhishek?

The Shringi is a ritual vessel used to Abisekha to gods with Gaumukhi. It is a type of horn made from natural materials played during many religious and social occasions. The sound of spring is believed to be very auspicious and sacred, often used to invoke the blessings of Hindu deities. In ancient times, sharing was a powerful communication tool to convey messages over long distances. 

It was also used as a battle horn in ancient Indian armies. Beyond its religious and historical significance, sharing is essential to Indian folk music in many traditional and contemporary musical compositions. Playing sharing is still alive today, and it continues to be a necessary part of Hindu culture. Its sound is representative of the unity and vitality of the Hindu community, and it remains a powerful symbol of Hindu heritage and tradition. 

How to use Shringi for Rudrabhishek?

Rudrabhishek is a Hindu ritual of pouring water or other liquids on the deity as a sign of respect and devotion. It is believed that Rudrabhishek purifies the soul and brings good fortune.

 Shringi is a term used in Hinduism to describe a vessel in religious ceremonies, such as the Rudrabhishek, where water or other sacred liquids are poured over the deity. To use Brass Shringi for the Abhishek, first fill the Shringi with the fluid, such as milk or water, to be run over the God. Then, place the Shringi on a clean surface before the idol or image of the deity. 

If incense is being burnt, wave it over the Shringi and then over the God. Before beginning, touching and holding the Shringi to one’s forehead is essential as a sign of respect. Then, pour the liquid over the deity, using the Shringi to direct the fluid flow. 

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