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About this product

  • Lal Rakt Gunja are hundreds of years old, and they bring luck and keep away bad things.
  • They can protect against bad luck, black magic, and physical harm.
  • Since ancient times, these beads have been thought to bring good luck.
  • It also stimulates nerves and treats vital conditions like joint pain and disability.
  • People with baldness and skin diseases can use a paste from the seeds.

What is Lal Rakt Gunja ?

Laal Gunja is a rare and important plant that is in the family Fabaceae. It grows in the warm and subtropical parts of Asia, especially in the foothills of the Himalayas. The plant has thin leaves, small flowers, and bright red beads that make it stand out. People think these seeds are valuable because they have healing properties, like treating fever, cough, and stomach problems. Also, the beads are used to make jewellery and other things that are used for decoration. The plant is in danger because it is hard to find, and people often want it. Conservation efforts are being made to keep the plant alive and from going extinct. 

Use of Red Chirmi Seed in Ayurveda

Red Chirmi beads are a popular Ayurvedic healing herb with numerous health benefits. It contains vitamins, anti-inflammatory properties, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, aiding bone growth and density. It also promotes gut health, liver cleansing, weight loss, and skin problems. Its powder form helps to control blood sugar levels, lowers blood pressure, and improves heart health.

Use of Original Lal Gunja in in Laxmi Puja

Laxmi Puja is a Hindu festival honouring the goddess of wealth and prosperity. It symbolizes luck, blessings, and prosperity and is believed to bring happiness to the goddess and her followers.

Buy Natural Rakt Lal Gunja Bead Online at the Best Price in India

Buy the Rakt Laal Gunja bead from nature online from India at the best price. Its healing qualities are great for people without enough immunity or needing to clean their blood. It can also be used in mental activities like meditation.

Tip: Devotees often buy Pili Kodi along with this item.

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