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About this product

  • Sticks of this match box will last longer if kept in a box made to last.
  • There is no need for a spark to get a match to light, match box burns with one strike.
  • Great price & quality for an everyday item that everyone needs.
  • Ideal for doing things at home or outside.
  • Guaranteed to keep your safety and meet your needs.

What is HomeLite Matchbox?

Home Lites Matchsticks are carefully made with three main ideas to keep people safe and avoid fires. The matchsticks in Homelites Matchboxes are longer than those in regular match boxes. This means that then for longer, which keeps fingers from getting burned. Home Lites Matchsticks are more substantial, so they don’t break when you use them. The tips of Homelites matchsticks are Karborised, so they don’t break off when they burn.

Key Feature of HomeLite Match Box

  • The Karborised Home Lites Matchsticks are long and strong to make them last longer. They stay lit for a long time and don’t break easily, which gives you more peace of mind in the kitchen and around the house.
  • Home Lites Matchsticks are high-quality matches used for various home tasks, such as lighting gas stoves, diyas, agarbattis, etc. Because of their length, Home Lites Matchsticks stay lit longer than regular matchsticks. This makes them more convenient and safer for your hands than regular matchsticks.
  • To get Homelites Matchsticks to light, strike them on the friction panel on the side of the box.
  • This is a big pack of Homelites Karborised Matchsticks with about 220 high-quality matchsticks. It’s an easy way to take care of all your daily needs, and it can l for a few weeks.

Buy Home Lite Matchbox Big Online at The Best Price

Find the Home Lite big Match box online at Pujasthan, available at the best price. These match sticks are perfect for lighting up your home or outdoor gatherings, and their compact size makes them easy to transport and store. Take advantage of this great deal!

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Buying Guide – Homelite Matchbox

  • The product image is for representation only. Actual products may vary.
  • This item’s price is listed for one piece.
  • This product could have water inside it because of the outer thick layer of husk.
  • Maximum quantity per order: 2 (If you need more, please place a new order)

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