Kali Kaudi, Black Shell



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Also, known as Kali Kaudi, Black Shell, Kali Kowdi, Black Cowrie, Kauri Shell, Kali Puja Cowrie, Chozhi or Black Koudi Shells.

What is Kali Kaudi?

The Kali Kaudi, also called Trochus niloticus, is a type of marine invertebrate that lives in tropical and subtropical parts of the world. It looks like a cone, usually brown or grey, with white stripes in a spiral. Since the Middle Ages, this shell has been used to make jewelry, buttons, decorations, and even money.

The Trochus niloticus lives in shallow water near coral reefs and rocky shores. They eat algae and other small organisms. They aren’t easy to find, but you can find them by carefully looking through rocks or seagrass beds near the shore.

Uses of Kali Kaudi in Laxmi Puja

Performing Laxmi Puja on Diwali involves many rituals, and one of the most important of them is the usage of Kali Kaudi. This sacred offering consists of an odd number of black stones, which are believed to have immense power and significance.

Kali Cowrie is placed in front of Goddess Laxmi while performing puja, as they represent protection from evil forces and are said to keep these negative energies away. Apart from being offered as a token to Goddess Laxmi, these stones can also be kept at home or office as they bring positive energy and ward off bad luck. They help eliminate obstacles that may arise, such as stress, financial issues, or health problems. Additionally, the presence of Kali Kaudis helps remove negative thoughts and feelings from the environment, thus bringing peace and prosperity into one’s life.

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