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About us

Puja is an integral part of Hindu culture. It is a way to connect with God, and serve as the medium for praying to him/her. However, it can be tricky to find all the necessary items you need for your puja online.

Most people do not know how or where they can buy all their puja essentials online at one place. This makes shopping difficult because there are no pre-made lists or guides that help them decide what products will work best for them.

We created this website so that anyone who wants to perform puja at home has an easy way of finding everything they need in one place! No more searching around different websites trying to figure out which site sells what you’re looking for; we have it all right here! Plus, our site is also mobile-friendly so you never have any trouble using our website on your phone while shopping from anywhere! is an online shopping store, focused on adding value to simplify the user experience to shop Online Puja Samagri, Hawan Samagri, Daily Puja Essentials, and other products for spiritual purposes by providing a platform where online shoppers can buy any type of puja items at their fingertips.

Pujasthan also sells Ayurvedic Herbs and Authentic Spices for the cooking.

The parent company was founded as a Grocery Store in the year 1986, and later switched to resell Puja Samagri items only; it has now grown into one of the most highly-rated religious stores on Google.

At Pujasthan, we strive to serve our customers with the best product quality matched with the absolute best service level. We want them to have nothing less than an incredible experience – from purchase all the way through delivery!

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