Cotton Wicks

Illuminate your space beautifully! Buy our eco-friendly Cotton Wicks online in India for a brighter home.

Cotton Wicks
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Offer your prayers and light diyas with our pure cotton wicks that reflect the essence of tradition. Our premium cotton wicks are carefully made for optimal lighting without emitting smoke or odour to enhance your spiritual rituals.

Choose From Various Cotton Wicks

Ghee Cotton Batti

Soak up the goodness of homemade ghee diyas with our non-sticky, slim ghee cotton battis. Explicitly made to burn brightly in ghee, these wicks bloom fully to create a divine glow.

Long Cotton Wicks

Our extra-long cotton Batti are ideal for lighting lamps and diyas for longer durations. With thick braids and high absorbency, these 18-inch wicks stay lit throughout your prayers or religious ceremonies.

Threaded Cotton Wicks

Craft intricate diya patterns with our pre-threaded cotton wicks, available in vivid colours. These thin, 10-inch wicks are coated in wax and conveniently threaded to create beautiful rangoli-style diya designs.

We ensure each set of cotton Batti maintains the highest purity, excellent brightness, and no residual smell for a pleasant lighting experience during your rituals, celebrations and beyond. Illuminate your spaces beautifully with our diverse cotton wicks steeped in tradition.