Camphor Tablet, Kapoor, Kapur

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Also known as Camphor Tablet, Kapoor, Kapur, Desi Kapur, Capoor, Karpur.

Camphor tablets are an essential part of puja and havan ceremonies in Hinduism. During these rituals, the burning of camphor tablets is believed to purify the air, drive away evil spirits, and create a sacred atmosphere. Camphor also has medicinal properties, which can help heal physical ailments when inhaled or applied topically.

The Sanskrit word for camphor is ‘karpoor’, which translates as “that which destroys all bad odours”, which serves as a reminder of the spiritual purity that camphor brings to any puja or havan ceremony. The use of camphor goes back centuries; Vedic sages used it for its calming effect during religious rites and rituals. It is believed to have antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which make it invaluable in spiritual ceremonies.

Tip: Our customers also buy Bhimseni Kapoor along with this product for Puja or Medical purposes.

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