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Charcoal is also known as Koyla or Wood Coal.

What is Charcoal?

Charcoal is one of the oldest forms of fuel known to humankind. It has been used for centuries as a source of heat and light and is still commonly used in various applications. Charcoal is created by burning wood or other organic matter with minimal oxygen exposure. During this process, the carbon in the material reacts with oxygen to produce charcoal.

Many people find that charcoal provides healthier options than traditional fuel sources due to its clean-burning characteristics. The result is an extremely lightweight material that contains high levels of carbon and can be used for various purposes, including cooking, grilling, water filtration and art supplies. Charcoal also has excellent adsorption properties, which make it worthwhile for absorbing odours, toxins and other impurities from air or water sources.

Uses of Charcoal in Puja

Charcoal is an essential element in Hindu puja rituals. It is used to light a fire and make offerings to the Gods. Charcoal has significant spiritual importance as it helps to purify the atmosphere, remove negative energies, and bring positive vibrations into the environment.

Burning charcoal during puja rituals symbolizes protection from evil forces and brings peace of mind. It also enhances mental clarity and focuses during worship services. Additionally, charcoal helps to create a pleasant smell in temples or at home when performing pujas or other prayers. The strong scent of burning coal creates an ambience of devotion, allowing devotees to concentrate better on their spiritual practice.

Uses of Charcoal in Cooking, Barbeque

Charcoal has been an effective fuel source for cooking and barbeque for centuries. The use of charcoal in cooking is not only a popular choice but also an advantageous one. Charcoal provides an even heat distribution and intense heat, which can be beneficial when grilling or smoking food. In addition to that, it also gives food a unique smoky flavour that cannot be replicated with other fuels.

Using charcoal in barbecuing has the same benefits as using it for cooking; however, there are some additional advantages to using charcoal for barbequing, such as its ability to hold higher temperatures compared to other fuel sources and its fast heating time due to the high burn rate of the charcoal briquettes. Furthermore, charcoal produces less smoke than propane-based grills, thus reducing air pollution during outdoor grilling sessions.

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