Wall Hanging Nazar Battu for Home, Office, Nazar Suraksha Kawach for House, Evil Eye Protector

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About this item

Also known as Nazar BattuNazar Suraksha Yantra, or Evil Eye Protector

  • Nazar battu, an evil eye protector, is a Hindu spiritual practice that has long existed in India.
  • Decorative Nazar Battus is made of either cloth or metal and are shaped like eyes. They are hung outside of houses to keep away evil spirits. 
  • People think putting up a Nazar Battu will protect them and their property from bad energies. 
  • People believe that Nazar Battus protects people and their homes and brings luck and wealth into a person’s life. 
  • Using Nazar Battus has been done for hundreds of years and is still done by many people today.

What is Nazar Battu for Home?

Some parts of India still use Nazar Battu for Home & Office, an old spiritual practice. The Hindu religion started the tradition of putting a Nazar Battu outside of one’s home to keep away evil spirits. People have done this for hundreds of years because they think it keeps terrible energies away from them and their land. “Najar” is a word for an object in the shape of an eye made of cloth or metal, and “Battu” is a word for the string that connects this protected talisman to its owner.

People think that Nazar Battus can bring luck and wealth to their lives and protect them and their homes.

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Tip: Devotees often buy Sabut Urad Dal for Nazar Utara.

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