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Gomti chakra is also known as Sudarshan Chakra.

What is Gomati Chakra?

Gomati Chakra is an important spiritual artefact used in Hinduism since ancient times. It is a round disc-shaped object made of rare clay found around the banks of the river Gomti in India. This sacred item holds considerable spiritual significance and is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity.

It is said that Lord Vishnu, an important deity in Hinduism, acquired the Gomati Chakra with his own hands from the depths of the sea while retrieving all divine attributes during his churning of the cosmic ocean. The chakra was then presented to King Bhagirath, who prayed for many years for Lord Vishnu’s help to deliver holy waters from heaven for his ancestors’ salvation. It has been regarded as a powerful symbol of protection against evil forces and bad luck.

Uses of Gomati Chakra in Puja

Gomati Chakra is believed to bring good fortune, prosperity, peace, and health to those who keep it at home or use it during rituals. The chakra is also a powerful aid in helping people get rid of negative energy, bad luck, and curses. In puja ceremonies, this sacred object can be held up to invoke divine protection from the gods or incorporated into mantras for spiritual healing. Additionally, when placed on altars, the Gomati Chakra helps raise the vibration of the entire environment by radiating positive energy and keeping away evil influences.

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