Handmade Mitti Ke Diye for Pooja, Mitti Diye

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Celebrate Diwali & Puja with authentic handmade Mitti Ke Diye. Shop now for the best prices in India and add a touch of tradition to your festivities.

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About this product

  • A cheap and good-for-the-world way to light your home.
  • Adds a touch of custom to the holiday spirit.
  • Promotes cultural ideals and beliefs.
  • Light has won over darkness, and good has won over evil.
  • Makes a beautiful sight for Diwali.
  • It can be used to make decorations.
  • Long-lasting and safe lighting choice.

What is Mitti Ke Diye?

Clay lamps are ancient Indian lamps made of clay. These lamps are a big part of Hindu celebrations and are especially famous during Diwali, also called the “Festival of Lights.” Most clay lamps are small and use oil or Ghee as fuel. A cotton wick is lit to make light.

Significance of Mitti Diye in Diwali Puja

The clay used to make these lamps is considered lucky and has a deep cultural meaning. When the Soil lamp is lit, light has won over darkness, and that good has won over evil. During Diwali, people light up and put thousands of Diyas around their homes, temples, and streets. It’s a beautiful sight.

Clay lights have been used for hundreds of years and are a part of India’s rich culture and history. Clay diya not only lights up the area but also gives the party a bit of traditional charm and warmth. They have many spiritual and cultural values and show what Indian customs and beliefs are all about.

Buy a Set of Mitti Ke Diye Online at the Best Price in India

Buy a beautiful handmade diya set from Pujasthan online at the best price in India. Clay is used to make these days, a great way to add a traditional touch to your home art. Light them up during holidays or special events to make the room feel warm and welcome.

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