Natural Kali Gunja Seeds, Black Gunja, Black Chirmi Beads

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Also known as Kali Gunja Ke Beej, Gunja Kala, Black Gunja Seeds, Black Rosary Pea, Kali Gumchi, and Black Chirmi Beads.

  • Worn as a protective charm to protect from sickness and evil spirits.
  • Lord Shani, the Hindu god of good luck and wealth, is represented by this.
  • Thought to bring gifts of happiness and wealth.
  • Can be worn alone or strung together to make long chains.
  • Considered to be lucky for weddings, fairs, and other special events.
  • It can call on divine energy in poojas, mantras, and other rituals.

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What are Natural Kali Gunja Seeds?

Black charm beads, also called Kali Gunja Seeds, have a long and fascinating past in Indian culture. The seeds of the Abrus precatorius plant make tiny black seeds called kala ganja. People think these powerful little seeds have spiritual and protective powers that keep away evil spirits and all kinds of illnesses at bay. They can be worn alone on a string or chain or strung together to make long bracelets.

In Hindu culture, the Kali Gunja Seeds are very important because it represents Lord Shani, a god who is said to bring good and bad luck based on his feelings. People believe that when they wear these unique seeds, they get closer to Lord Shani and can get his gifts of wealth and happiness.

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