Sandalwood Rubbing Stone, Chandan Pata, Chandan Chakla to Make Sandal Paste for Pooja


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  • Sandalwood Rubbing Stone, called Chandan Pata, makes sandalwood paste for Pooja. 
  • This traditional stone is excellent for making sandal paste for puja and rituals. This stone is made of high-quality hardwood and is solid and long-lasting so you can use it for many years.
  • This stone can be used to make sandal paste and get the most out of other items like almonds and turmeric.
  • The almond rubbing stone makes it easy to grind nuts into a smooth, creamy texture, and the turmeric rubbing stone helps bring out turmeric’s bright color and potent properties.
  • The hardwood rubbing stone is made easy to use because of how it is shaped and feels in your hand. Its small size makes it easy to store and move, making it great for home and business use.
  • Adding this vital tool to your divine puja kit will improve your religious rituals because sandalwood has a natural smell and divine properties.

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SizeDimension (W X H)Weight
4 Inch4 X 1 approx<500 Grams
5 Inch5 X 1 approx>500 Grams

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