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What is Vaijayanti?

The Vaijayanti is a necklace or mala from mythology mostly connected with Vishnu. This object, used as a mala in its worship, is also called the Vaijayantimala or the Vanamala.

In the Sri Vaishnava’s faith, the poet-saint Thondaradippodi Alvar is seen as a manifestation of the Vanamala.

How Does Vaijanti Mala in Japa Helps?

This mala is a charm to protect a person from bad energy and evil eyes. People also think the person with the Vaijayanti mala will never lose anything. People often use this holy mala to do japa and think about Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna, or Lord Rama.

Why did Vaijayanthi Mala call a Rosary of Victory?

People believe they will never lose anything if they wear this mala. This is why it is also called the “rosary of victory.”

Buy Original Vaijanti Mala Online

If you’re looking for a genuine Vaijanti mala perfect for your Puja, look no further. You can now buy original Vaijanti Mala online from trusted sellers who offer authentic beads of excellent quality. This garland of vaijanti beads is made from the dried stems of the Vaijayanti flowering plant. The flower is known for its sweet fragrance and is considered one of Lord Vishnu’s favourites.

The significance of wearing an original vaijayanti rosary in Puja or meditation practices lies in its spiritual properties. It has been believed to enhance concentration, calmness and bring peace into one’s life. Each bead’s unique shape and texture symbolize unity and harmony among all facets of life, helping individuals connect with their inner selves.

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