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Benefits of vaijanti mala

Vaijanti Mala: Know the Benefits Original Vaijayanti Mala in Japa Puja

The Vaijayanti Japa Mala is connected to Lord Krishna and Vishnu. Most of the time, the mala is used to repeat chants about Krishna, Vishnu, and the different “avatars” of Lord Vishnu. There are many good things about wearing a Vaijayanti Mala. People think that Sri Krishna wore the mala.

The decorations, flowers, or seeds we give to the different gods are very important during puja. These things have a certain vibration that resonates with the deity and attracts Saatvik frequencies, which fill the area with happiness and purity. In Hinduism, different gods are given flowers, seeds, and wreaths made of Vaijayanti as gifts.

The holy flower Vaijayanti, which can also be written as Vyjayanti, is related to the banana and ginger plants. The Vaijayanti grass has flowers that are orange, yellow, red or a mix of these colours.

The garland of victory is what Vaijayanti mala means in English. Vaijayanti means to win, while mala means a rosary. In the holy old story of the Mahabharata, this heavenly necklace is called vanamali, another name for Vishnu. Vanamali comes from the Sanskrit words vana, which means forest, and mali, which means to wear a thread of 108 beads.

What is Vaijanti Mala?

The Braj bush is where the Vaijayanti beads were made. People think God and Goddess love each other forever in the Braj forest. Old stories say that Krishna gave Radha the mala made from the seeds of the Vaijayanti flower. In the same way, Lord Ram, a form of Vishnu, made Sita Mata a chain of Vaijayanti flower seeds. The Mahabharata tale also says that the rosary of success was made of lotus flowers that never died. People think other flowers, like the canna lily, are real Vaijayanti flowers.

Finding the real Vaijayanti plant is hard because it looks like long grass. You can’t distinguish between it and normal grass until it grows flowers or seeds. People think Lord Vishnu’s Vaijayanti mala can unlock the doors to Vaikuntha, where Vishnu lives.

People think of the Vaijayanthi flower as a live thing, and it is connected to the feminine Supreme forces. People believe that Shakti lives in the seeds of this flower and that the Supreme Goddess rules all of humanity with her feminine powers. Her name is Vaijayanthi, which means “triumphant victory.”

Benefits of Vaijayanti Mala

People think a garland made from the seeds of Vaijayanti flowers is holy and has a lot of value when doing Vishnu Puja or Homam or praising Krishna. The most important gods in Hinduism, Vishnu and Lord Krishna, get flowers made from these magical seeds. Mantras can also be said with the 108 + 1 Vaijanti beads that make up the Vaijanti seed chain.

When a believer prays over this mala, their doshas are adjusted. People say whoever wears this powerful mala will also have a beautiful and charming personality. This mala can also be used as a charm to keep bad energy and evil eyes away from a person. People also think the person who wears the Vyjayanthimala will never lose anything. People often do japa with this holy mala and think about Vishnu, Lord Krishna, or Lord Rama. Vaijayanti can be used to make wreath seeds that are both white and black.

Japa Mantra

On this holy rosary, you should say the Vishnu prayer, Om Namoh Bhagavate Vasudevaya, daily to please Maa Shakti, Vishnu, and Krishna. This is because the Vaijayanti mala is thought to have feminine powers that, along with the gifts of Vishnu and Krishna, bring victory and success in all areas of life, and the person who worships it also gets Devi Siddhi.

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