Natural Kesar Gopi Chandan Tilak Stick, Orange Gopichandan for Lord Krishna Pooja

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About this product

  • The orange Gopichandan Tilak Stick is a traditional Hindu Puja item to bless followers’ foreheads.
  • Chandan tika is one of Lord Shiva’s sixteen ornaments. It stands for wealth and cleanliness.
  • During Indian pujas, it is put on the forehead as a spiritual mark that means divinity and good luck to devotees.
  • Since ancient times, followers have used a natural Gopi Chandan stick. The saffron on the stick represents spiritual knowledge, and the clay represents material wealth.
  • This sectarian mark stick shows that a person is devoted to Lord Shiva and shows the union between a man and God.
  • It shows that having physical and spiritual wealth is the only way to reach spiritual awareness.

What is Kesar Gopi Chandan Tilak Stick?

The orange Gopichandan Tika is a traditional Hindu Puja item to bless followers’ foreheads. It is one of the sixteen things that Lord Shiva wears, representing wealth and cleanliness. The name “chandan tika” comes from the two main parts, which are “Kesar” (saffron) and “Gopichandana,” which is a type of clay. During Indian pujas, a paste made from these two things is put on the face as a tilak mark, representing divinity and good luck.

Since ancient times, people have worn orange Gopi Chandan face tika. The saffron in it represents spiritual knowledge, and the clay in it represents material wealth. It also means that a man is one with God and shows loyalty to Lord Shiva. Also, this tilak stick shows that you can only reach spiritual awareness if you have both physical and spiritual wealth.

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