White Gandhi Topi, Pooja Cap for Pooja

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About this product

Also known as Nehru Topi, Nehru Cap, Indian Cap or Gandhi Cap.

  • Wearing a Gandhi Topi is a way for Indians to show their pride and respect for the Indian past.
  • The Gandhi Topi symbolises Mahatma Gandhi and his message of freedom and nonviolence.
  • When a Gandhi Topi is worn during puja, it gives the Hindu praying and worship a spiritual touch.
  • The Gandhi Topi has become a big part of Indian society and the country’s sense of itself.
  • It is also used to show support for social or political problems or solidarity with a cause.

What is Gandhi Topi?

The traditional white Gandhi Topi is an essential piece of Indian cotton cap. Famous leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru wore it. The renowned hat has become a sign of national pride and freedom for Indians and is also used to support different social or political issues. The Nehru Topi is now more important than ever during Hindu pujas.

Usage of Cotton Cap in Puja & Havan

Puja is an integral part of prayer and worship in Hinduism. During puja, flowers or food are given to the gods and goddesses. Many Hindus now wear a Pooja Topi when they do puja events. This adds a spiritual touch to their prayers and connects them to Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy. This hat shows that they respect their religion and are proud of India’s past.

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