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About this product

  • Safed Gunja is a mostly white seed with a small black or grey spot.
  • White Gunja Mantra Siddha (Energised) Blessings of the Goddess Maha Lakshmi always bring happiness, wealth, and good luck.
  • Nerves can be stimulated and strengthened by Swetha Gunja, which has been cleaned up.
  • The leaves and roots of the rosary plant work like liquorice roots to treat coughs and soothe the throat.
  • Swetha Gunja can help people with a cough, asthma, or sore throat.

What is Safed Gunja?

White Chirmiti, or Ratti, is an ancient herb used in Ayurvedic treatment for hundreds of years. It comes from the roots of an India-native plant called Abrus precatorius. The plant is also called the rosary pea or the Jequirity bean, and it is not only used in medicine but also in traditional cultural practices. 

Safed Gunja has many health benefits and treats many conditions, such as lung problems, the stomach, and sexual function. People think it works well to treat asthma, bronchitis, and TB. People also think it can help digestion, boost the immune system, and make people more sexually aroused. Safed Gunja is often taken as a powder, an extract, or a pill. 

Use of Gunja Safed Bead in Laxmi Puja

The safed puja bead is a key part of the Hindu festival Laxmi Puja, which honours the goddess of wealth and success. People think that these small white beads reflect plenty, purity, and good things. During the Puja celebration, the White Chirmiti Beads are strung together and given to the deity as a sign of our desire for financial success and spiritual purity. 

People also think the beads can keep away bad energies and brings wealth, prosperity & good luck to the person who wears them. Gunja Safed Beads are also known for having healing qualities and can be used to treat a wide range of health problems. Abrus precatorius is an important part of Hinduism’s religious beliefs and have a lot of societal value. Overall, using Gunja Safed Beads in Laxmi Puja has been a part of the ancient rituals for hundreds of years.

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