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Also known as Gunja Kala, Black Gunja, Black Rosary Pea, Kali Gumchi, Chirmi Beads

What is Kala Gunja or Black Chirmi Beads?

Kala Gunja, also known as black chirmi beads, has a long and storied history in Indian culture. Kala gunja are small black beads made from the seeds of the Abrus precatorius plant. These powerful little beads are believed to hold spiritual and protective powers that ward off evil spirits while protecting all kinds of illnesses. They can be worn as a single bead on a chain or thread or threaded together into large necklaces.

The kala gunja is particularly important in Hindu culture because it symbolizes Lord Shani, the Hindu god who is said to bring both good luck and bad luck, depending on his moods. Wearing these special beads is thought to bring one closer to Lord Shani to enjoy his blessings of prosperity and happiness.

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