Silver Naag Nagin Joda for Kalsarp Dosh Pooja, Snake Pair


Buy Silver Naag Nagin Joda for Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja.

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  • The Silver Naag Nagin Joda is a holy and strong item for the Kalsarp Dosh Pooja. This pair of silver-colored snake figurines were made with great care and are meant to protect against bad energy and bring peace and wealth.
  • In Hindu mythology, the male Naag and female Nagin are seen as divine beings representing fertility, safety, and love that lasts forever. This beautifully made set symbolizes their holy union and brings good energy and spiritual well-being.
  • Even if you don’t believe in astrology, the Silver Nag Nagin Joda is a beautiful piece of art that can make your home or altar look better. Putting it in your puja room or other sacred area can make it calm and peaceful, which is great for meditation and ceremonies.
  • This piece of art is well made. It has intricate carvings and a smooth finish. This pair of snakes is about 4 inches long and can be moved around easily or put on show in a prominent place. Invest in this beautiful Silver Nag Nagin Joda, and the good vibes of these holy beings will come into your life.

Benifits of Silver Naag Naagin Joda Snake Pair in Kalsarp Dosha Pooja

The Naag Naagin Joda Snake Pair in Kalsarp Dosha Pooja has many benefits. People worship these snake idols to get benefits and safety from the bad effects of Kalsarp Dosha. People think that Kalsarp Dosha makes life hard and full of obstacles. The Naag Naagin Joda is a strong way to eliminate the bad effects of the Dosha. By doing the Kalsarp Dosha Pooja with the Naag Naagin Joda, someone with money, relationship, or health problems can get help. This holy pair also helps people achieve success, wealth, and good health. It is thought to be very lucky to do this Pooja with full love and faith.

Buy Silver Naag Nagin Joda Online at The Best Price in India

Buy Silver coloured Naag Nagin Joda online from Pujasthan for the best price in India. This beautiful silver-coloured piece has a couple of snakes and is thought to bring happiness and success to a relationship. It is well made and has a great price, which makes it a great choice for a gift or your use.

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This is silver colored product and not made up of actual silver

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