Kush, Kusha Grass, Dharba for Puja
Kush, Kusha Grass, Dharba
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Kush, Kusha Grass, Dharba



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Also known as Kush or Kusha Grass or Dharba or Darbh.

Kush is considered to be a very important part of any religious ceremony. During the rituals of Kush, it is made into a ring and worn on the middle finger of the palm. Aside from the ring, holy water is also sprinkled from Kush. Kush is a very important part of worship for both mental and physical purity. Kush is also used during an eclipse. Kush is put into food items before and during the eclipse. So that the food stays clean and no germs can get in. Researchers have also found that Kush grass is very good at killing small germs in a natural way. Kush works as a kind of cleansing. By keeping Kush in water, small micro-germs gather near the Kush grass.

Significance of Kush, Kusha Grass, Dharba in Puja & Havan

In the Mahabharata, there is a story about Kush. When Garudadev was bringing the amrit kalash from heaven, he put it on kush grass on the ground for a while. Since then, it has been thought of as very holy because amrit kalash was put on Kush.

There is also a spiritual reason for putting Kush’s ring on the ring finger. In religious ceremonies, the ring of Kush is worn on the third finger of the palm. In fact, the fact that the sun is under the ring finger makes it even more important. Astrology says that the Sun is a sign of glory and fame, so its energy does not reach the earth.

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