Kalawa, Mauli Thread, Mouli Dhaga, Moli
Kalawa, Mauli Thread, Mouli Dhaga, Moli
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Kalawa, Mauli Thread, Mouli Dhaga, Moli



A red cotton thread roll called Moli or Kalawa is an important part of every Hindu religious ceremony, called a havan or ritual. The priest ties it to the hands of the people sitting with them during the puja to make it a part of the ceremony.

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Also Known as Sacred Thread or Mauli or Moli or Raksha Sutra or Kalava or Pachranga Dhaga.

About Mouli Dhaga Kalawa

Kalava is made of raw cotton thread. Molly is red, yellow, or of two colors or five colors. According to the scriptures, the tradition of tying kalava was started by Goddess Lakshmi and King Bali. Kalava is also called Raksha Sutra, it is believed that tying it on the wrist protects against the crisis on life. This is because by tying kalava, one gets the grace of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh Tridev. Along with having religious significance, tying kalava is also very beneficial scientifically.

  • Mauli thread is used for a variety of religious purposes and can be bought online for convenience
  • It can also be used as a form of protection against evil forces
  • Mauli thread is also considered to be very auspicious and is often used during festivals and other special occasions
  • The use of Mauli thread dates back centuries and is an integral part of many Hindu traditions

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