Belfal, Bel Fruit, Bael Phal, Dried Wood Fruit for Puja & Havan (Non edible)

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Also known as Bealfal, Bel Fal, Dried Wood Fruit, Bel Fruit, Wood Apple, and Bael Fal.

  • The Belfal, tree is an evergreen revered in Hinduism and utilized in a Shiv pooja ritual.
  • Lord Shiva enjoys the powerful aroma of the Aegle marmelos’ leaves.

Bel Fal Usage in Shiv Puja

Evergreen aegle marmelos, sometimes called bael or bilva tree, have long been considered sacred in India. Hinduism regards it as sacred, and many of its traditional applications are still used today. Shiv Puja, a Hindu rite performed in honor of Lord Shiva, commonly uses the leaves and fruits of the Aegle marmelos. In this puja, along with other gifts like flowers, incense, and food items, the god receives the leaves and fruit of the Aegle marmelos.

When donated during puja rituals, the leaves of the Belfal, have a potent scent that is said to appease Lord Shiva.

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