Bhojpatra Sheet, Bhoj Patra Leaf


Buy Bhojpatra Sheet online for Puja, Havan, Homam & other Spiritual purposes from India.

Bhojpatra Sheet, Bhoj Patra Leaf for Puja, Havan
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Bhojpatra is also known as Betula Utilis Bark or Bhoj Patra.

What is Bhojpatra?

Bhojpatra is a type of paper made from the bark of trees, specifically the birch tree. It has been used in India since ancient times and is still produced today. Bhojpatra is also known as birch bark manuscript due to its use for writing manuscripts and documents. The paper was originally developed in India during the 10th century BC and was used for religious scriptures, including the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, and other ancient texts.

The paper is durable; it does not easily tear or fold and can last centuries without deteriorating. While most of these documents were written with a special kind of ink called lampblack, some were also written in paint made from mineral dyes such as mercury sulfide or vermilion.

Buy Bhojpatra Online at The Best Price in India

Bhojpatra has been used for religious and cultural purposes in India for ages. The thin sheets of bark from the birch tree have been used to write sacred texts and scriptures in India since ancient times. Now, you can buy Bhojpatra online easily at the best prices in India.

Pujasthan offers a wide variety of Bhojpatras in different sizes for all your needs. We also make sure that each product is sourced responsibly and sustainably procured from authentic vendors so that you get the best value for your money. Furthermore, we ensure to provide our customers with safe payment options on every purchase they make with us. So what are you waiting for? Shop on our website today to get amazing discounts and offers at unbeatable prices!

Tip: Devotees often buy Anar Ki Pen along with this product for Spiritual Purposes.

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