Bhasma Khada, Vibhuti Khada

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Also known as Khada Bhasma, Holy Ash Whole, Thiruneeru, Bibhuti Bhasam or Vibhuti Cube.

What is Bhasma Khada or Vibhuti?

It is called Vibhuti because it brings wealth; Bhasma, which means “ashes,” because it burns away all sins; Bhasitam, which means “brightened,” because it makes a person more spiritually beautiful; Ksharam, which means “destruction,” because it removes danger; and Raksha, which means “protector,” because it is a shield against evil spirits’ schemes. This is how the ancient spiritual text Brihad Jabala Upanishad praises the Vibhuti.

Uses of Bhasma Khada in Puja

Vibhuti is usually used to refer to the sacred ash that Hindu devotees put on their foreheads. It is made from the remains of burned wood and dried cow dung cakes used in the Vedic rite of the Yajna (fire sacrifice). The words “vibhuti” and ash have multiple meanings and symbols on different levels. The most important of these is that everything worldly and material ends up ash. The dot of vibhuti on the forehead is a strong reminder to man that this world is temporary and passing, so he must spend his time and life doing things that fit a human being.

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