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Also, known as Sutli Dhaga, Jute Yarn, Jute Thread or Jute Sutli.

What is Jute Yarn or Sutli?

Jute yarn is a natural fibre from the jute plant, native to South Asia. It has been used for centuries as a versatile and affordable material in various applications. Sutli usually consists of two fine strands twisted together to form a single strand. Its long-lasting durability has become increasingly popular in the textile industry due to its sustainability and affordability.

The jute plant itself can be found in India, Bangladesh and many other countries around Southeast Asia. The fibres are extracted from the outer skin of the stem or stalk of the jute plant and then spun into yarns using traditional spinning techniques. Because it is so durable, many people use Jute Thread for making rugs, bags, sacks, upholstery fabrics and even as an alternative for rope and twine in construction projects.

Uses of Sutli in Puja

Jute rope has many uses and is an important part of Satyanaryan Puja. This puja is a Hindu ritualistic practice that involves offering prayers to Lord Vishnu and Narayana. During this puja, jute rope plays an important role in binding banana leaves together for the ceremony.

The use of jute rope in Satyanaryan Puja helps connect the deity being worshipped and the devotee performing the puja. The jute rope is an auspicious bond that ties together the worshipper and God during this spiritual ritual. Jute ropes are also used to tie together banana leaves, which are then filled with holy water as offerings during the puja ceremony. Additionally, these ropes can be used to decorate altars or even hang diyas or lamps from them when performing poojas at home.

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