White Janeu
White Janeu, Janoi, Yagnopaveeth, Brahmin Thread
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White Janeu, Janoi, Yagnopaveeth, Brahmin Thread



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Also known as Janivaara, Jandhyam, Poita, Poonal, Safed Janeu, Lagun, Yajnopavita, Yagyopavit, Yonya and Zunnar.

About White Janeu

The sacred thread, which is made of cotton and worn above the left shoulder and under the right arm, is called Janeu.

Janeu Sanskar has a special meaning in Hinduism. The Janeu Sanskar, which is considered one of the 16 sacraments, is also called the Yagyopaveet Sanskar. In the past, when the disciples went to the Gurukul, it was thought that they had to wear the thread before starting in the Gurukul. The thread, which is made up of 3 sutras, is said to be a symbol of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Janeu also has a special meaning during the marriage.

People believe that the marriage is not complete until the thread is worn out. Aside from that, the thread should be worn before doing any rituals like worship, recitation, yagya, etc. The practice of wearing Janeu is common in all of India.

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