Jowar Dhani, Puffed Jowar, Juwar Dhani Pop, Puffed Sorghum



Shop for Puffed Jowar, an integral part of various Hindu religious ceremonies. Buy now and get it delivered to your doorstep! Ideal for use in all Pujas.

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Also called sorghum popcorn, Jowar Dhani, Puffed Jowar, Jawar Laya, Jawar Lai, Jawar Lahya, juwar dhani, and Jawar Laya.

  • As a sign of respect and reverence, puffed Jowar is given as a gift to gods and goddesses.
  • During most poojas, it is provided as a sign of thanks and devotion.
  • It is thought to bring the family great energy, wealth, and good luck.
  • During pooja, giving Puffed Jowar helps bring about spiritual awakening and inner peace.
  • Puffed Jowar is also used during religious ceremonies to show respect and loyalty.
  • People think it helps clean the air and bring spiritual harmony to the surroundings.
  • Puffed Jowar also shows how all living things are the same.

What is Jowar Dhani?

Puffed Jowar, also called Jawar Laya or Jawar Lai, is vital to most puja celebrations. It is a grain used in the Indian region and has been the leading food for Hindus for hundreds of years. Puffed Jowar is an integral part of many religious practices, such as those that have to do with puja.

During puja, Jawar Lahya comes from old times, when it was given to gods and goddesses as a sign of thanks and devotion. It is still used a lot during poojas because it has a holy meaning. As a sign of respect and reverence, Jawar Laya can be given as a gift to Gods and Goddesses during any pooja or ritual.

Tip: Devotees often buy Batasha & Kheel along with this item.

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