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Also known as Patasha, Battase, Batasha, Sugar Candy, and Shakkar Batasha.

  • Indians have been eating Batasha, a traditional pan-sweet made of sugar and jaggery, for generations.
  • It has a lot of cultural meaning for Indians and stands for togetherness, even though India has a lot of different social and economic groups.
  • People from all walks of life eat it, and it is often given as a gift at weddings, temples, festivals, religious events, etc.
  • Batashe is popular with people of all ages because it is an essential part of traditional Indian culture.
  • Batashe is a sugary treat that people from all walks of life enjoy. It can be seen as a way to unite people, no matter their differences.
  • Batashe is an excellent example of India’s diverse and rich culture and history.

What is Batasha Sweet?

Batasha is a famous Indian sugary often eaten during puja and other special events. It is a fried sweet made from sugar syrup that has crystallised and dried into small, round, crunchy balls. Batashe is not only delicious, but it also has a religious meaning. It is considered an essential part of puja practises, where it is given as an offering to the gods.

Hindu legend says that Lord Shiva, the god of destruction, used to eat Sugar Drop Candy to stay calm and in control. So, the sweet is seen as good luck and a sign of inner peace and calmness. People also think that eating batasha cleans the mind and makes it easier to call on divine benefits.

During puja ceremonies, followers are given Batashe as prasad, which they eat to ask the gods for their blessing. Batashe is a big part of India’s religious and cultural life and a significant part of the puja events.

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