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Also known as Lahya, Popped Rice, Nel Pori, Bhaat Lahya, Kheel, Kohi, Karthigai, Kheele.

  • Used during puja events as a gift to the gods and goddesses.
  • It’s a sign of wealth, fertility, and plenty.
  • When repeating mantras, the powder is sprinkled on statues or fire.
  • It is used to bless people or things as part of a practice.
  • Placed before idols or gods as a sign of respect and loyalty.
  • Served as a snack when people are fasting.
  • Represented as a sign of good luck and success.

What is Kheel?

Kheel Murmura, another name for puffed rice, is a popular ingredient in many tasty Indian dishes. It can also be used in yajna and puja rituals. Puja is an essential part of Hindu culture. During puja, people pray to different Gods and Goddesses and practice. In these traditions, popped rice is used in many ways to represent wealth, fertility, and plenty.

Hindus think that if they give popped rice to the gods and goddesses, they will be blessed by them. Popped rice can be used as an offering to the gods during a puja. The popped rice can also sprinkle on idols or the fire during the event while chanting mantras and doing other holy acts.

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Tip: Devotees often buy Batasha with this item.

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