Dry Coconut Copra, Sukha Khopra, Kopparai, Kobri


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About this product

  • During poojas and homams, Dry Coconut Copra honours the gods and seeks blessings for success, financial well-being, and overall wealth.
  • Dry copra is a healthy and tasty vegetable used in salads, soups, smoothies, and more, either fresh or grated.
  • Dry coconut is a key part of Ayurvedic medicine because it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and digestive qualities that can help with various health problems.
  • Sukha Khopra oil is often put on the face to treat problems like eczema and psoriasis.

Natural Copra Usage in Puja & Havan

The Dry Coconut Copra is an important part of traditional Indian customs and puja. It has been used in religious events for centuries and stands for prosperity and wealth. This kind of coconut is one of a kind. It has a thick shell, and the meat inside is slightly wet. The taste differs from a fully ripe coconut; it has a mild sweetness when eaten raw.

In poojas and homams, a half-dry coconut is used as an offering to the gods. This is thought to bring success, financial well-being, and general prosperity. Vibhuti, red kumkum, and other holy things like incense sticks and flowers can beautify it.

Dry Coconut Copra Usage in Cooking

Copra, the coconut kernel, is becoming increasingly famous in many dishes. This nutty product is healthy and flavorful but doesn’t have to be used only in sweets. Its variety makes it a great addition to savory meals as well.

Copra can be used fresh or grated as a topping for salads, soups, stews, and curries. It is high in protein and good fats. It tastes great when added to granola bars or baked items like cookies and cakes. One popular way to use copra is to put it in drinks to make them healthier. If you want to give your favorite dish a new twist, you can roast copra with spices like cumin and turmeric and add it to stir-fries or even tacos.

Dry Coconut Usage in Ayurveda

In Ayurvedic medicine, dry coconut copra is often used as a nutrient. Ayurveda is a form of organic medicine that has been around for over 5,000 years and has roots in India. Dry coconut is an important part of many of the traditional medicines and practices that make up this method of health care.

Ayurveda believes that dry coconut copra have healing powers that can improve health. They can help with headaches, indigestion, coughs, colds, fever, and other illnesses. The oil from dry coconuts is commonly used to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis by applying it to the face.

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