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Also called Jau, Barley Grain, Raw Barley Seeds, Jow, or Jo.

  • Hindu gods and goddesses are honored in havan rituals with jau grains.
  • Jow is a cleansing agent that can eliminate bad things in people’s souls.
  • Whole grain seeds taste nutty and feel chewy, which makes them perfect for cooking.
  • Adding Jau to bread makes it more filling while letting the yeast flavor shine.
  • Raw Jau is good for you because it is healthy and can eliminate toxins in the body.
  • Ayurvedic healers have added it to their treatments because it works well for several illnesses.
  • Raw Jau is a good source of B-complex vitamins & rich in fiber, which helps the body break down carbs and proteins more effectively.

Use of Jau Grain in Havana

Barley grains are a sign of plenty and wealth in Hindu society. The Hindu gods and goddesses are honored in different havan events with these grains. These Jau are allowed to sprout as a gift to the gods during Navratri and other important Hindu holidays. This has been done for hundreds of years, which shows how important these grains are to Indian society.

Barley is believed to have a purifying effect on people’s souls. In havans, people chant mantras and offer barley grain to the fire as a sign of loyalty to the divine. Sprouted barley is also used during poojas to bring happiness and blessings to idols.

Use of Raw Barley Seeds in Cooking

Barley is a great meal because it provides fiber, protein, minerals, and antioxidants. Seeds taste nutty and feel chewy, which makes them a popular addition to many recipes. You can find the hulled and pearled kinds in the bulk area of health food stores or on the Internet.

Mostly, barley is used instead of rice in savory foods like soups and salads. It can also be mixed with other grains, like quinoa or millet, to make a flavorful mix. When you add barley to bread, it makes it feel heartier while still letting the yeast flavor come through. Its mild sweetness is great for muffins, cakes, and cookies.

Use of Raw Barley Seeds in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an old Indian method of medicine that has been used for hundreds of years to keep people healthy and treat illnesses. One of the many natural things is raw barley seeds called Yava in Sanskrit, valued for their nutritional value and ability to rid the body of poisons. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to help people feel better.

Raw barley has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for a very long time. It treats many problems, like stomach problems, urinary tract infections, diabetes, high cholesterol, and skin problems. People think that the nutrients in raw barley lower inflammation and give the body more energy. It has a variety of vitamins, including B-complex vitamins, which help the body get the most out of carbs and protein

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