Jata Wala Nariyal, Jata Nariyal

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About this product

Also known as Jata Pani Nariyal or Jatawala Nariyal or Jata Nariyal.

  • Jata Wala Nariyal brings luck and wealth to those who pray to it.
  • It’s a sign of Shiva’s ability to control the material world.
  • Used in puja and havan rites with respect
  • Jata Wala Nariyal is thought to have a lot of spiritual meaning and divine powers
  • Helps make the home a place of peace, unity, and balance.
  • Thought to be lucky because it is linked to the divine powers of Lord Shiva

Significance of Jata wala Nariyal, Jata Nariyal in Puja

Jata Nariyal, or coconut with jata (hair-like strands), is a beautiful coconut often used in worship and havan ceremonies. People think that it has a lot of spiritual meaning and divine powers. Since ancient times, Jata Nariyal has been an important part of Hinduism. It is said to bring good luck and wealth to the lives of those who practice it.

The most noticeable thing about this type of coconut is its long strands that look like hair. People think these strands represent Shiva’s unruly hair and power to rule the material world. In some parts of the world, it’s also called “Shivapatri.” During a puja or havan ceremony, this holy coconut is given to God as a sign of respect.

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Tip: Devotees often buy Lal Kapda along with this item.

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