Havan Samidha Stick, Samidhalu for Puja & Hawan

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Get the perfect Havan Samidha for your rituals, ceremonies, and other religious activities with our authentic Indian dry wood sticks.

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About this Product

  • Helps religious events take place in a calm setting.
  • Gives off a pungent, woody smell that can keep bad luck and negative energy at bay.
  • Burned during worship or holy events can bring peace, wealth, good luck, and harmony into a home.
  • During a ceremony, it gives the people there a spiritually rich environment.
  • Burns very slowly and for a long time.
  • Made from the best wood possible.
  • It can be used for the Indian fire ceremony called Havan.

What are Samidha Wood Sticks?

Samidha Dry Wood Stick, also called Havan Samidha Bundle, is a traditional Indian incense used for religious functions, Havan, and other special events. It is made of the best wood and has been burned in India for thousands of years. People think the smoke from the Samidha Dry Wooden Stick will eliminate lousy luck, misfortunes, and negative energy. Burning it during worship or sacred events is also believed to bring peace, wealth, fortune, and harmony into the home.

The Samidha Dry Wooden Stick is made of small pieces of dry wood broken up and tied with cotton thread or jute string. The sticks are between 5 and 10 inches long. One end is pointy, and the other can be rounded or flat.

Tip: Devotees often buy Navgrah Samidha, Hawan Samagri and Mango Wood Stickes along with this item.

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