Copper Nail, Tamba Keel



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Also known as Copper Nail or Tamba Keel or Tambe Ki Kil

Copper Nail usage in Puja

Copper Nail usage in Puja is a long-held and sacred tradition within Hinduism. Copper Nails are often used as part of the ritualistic ceremonies during religious festivals and poojas, where they are placed strategically around the puja altar. Copper Nails are believed to have special powers that can bring positive energy and spiritual healing to a person or an environment.

A Tamba Keel is traditionally engraved with mantras, prayers, or other auspicious symbols before being placed on the puja altar. These engravings are believed to invoke positive vibrations throughout the space, providing protection from negative energies and promoting peace, harmony, and prosperity. During pujas, devotees also light incense sticks around the copper nails to enhance their effect.

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