Pure Copper Nail, Tamba Keel for Vastu Pooja

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About this product

  • Strengthens weak benefice planet in the horoscope.
  • Copper nail keeps the Rahu under control from making trouble while you sleep.
  • Get rid of the bad things that are in your way.
  • Good at transferring power.
  • Full of the element fire.
  • It helps you get the results you want.
  • Lessens the effect of planets that are bad for you.
  • Brings about peace and happiness.

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Copper Nail usage in Vastu Puja

In Hinduism, using copper nails in pooja has been a sacred practice for a long time. Copper nails are often used in religious festivals and poojas as part of the rituals. They are put in strategic places around the pooja altar. Copper nails are thought to have special powers that can bring a person or place good energy and mental healing.

Before a Tamba Keel is put on the puja altar, it is usually carved with chants, prayers, or other good signs. People think these engravings send out good energies into space, protecting it from bad energies and promoting peace, harmony, and prosperity. Devotees also light incense sticks around the copper nails during pujas to boost their effect.

Buy Solid Copper Nails Online at the Best Price in India

Now, you can buy pure copper nails online at Pujasthan for the best price in India. Copper is used to make these nails, making them strong and rust-resistant. Pujasthan has many kinds of copper nails to meet your needs, whether you need them for building or art projects.

Tip: Devotees often buy Kali Koudi along with this item.

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