White Cotton Cloth, White Kapda for Puja


Discover a beautiful selection of white altar cloths for puja and havan rituals online in India! Shop now to find the perfect cloth for your spiritual practice.

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About this product

  • White cotton cloth is often used in Hindu puja ceremonies as a sign of peace and cleanliness.
  • Cotton is a natural fiber that makes soft, breathable, and easy-to-find cloth. This makes it perfect for praying.
  • It is thought that draping a safed cotton fabric over the pooja thali, around the idols, and on the prayer table will make the space calm and clean.
  • The softness of the cloth is thought to please the gods and make the spiritual experience better as a whole.
  • Using safed cotton fabric in a pooja shows you are simple, humble, and don’t want things.
  • This fabric shows how much people love, respect, and try to be good to their chosen spirits.

Why use White Cotton Cloth in Puja?

In Hinduism, there are important cultural and religious reasons for using pure white cloth in puja. Safed is seen as a holy color because it represents cleanliness and peace. Cotton is a soft natural fiber, lets air through, and is easy to find. This makes it great for prayers to the gods. People often use safed cotton fabric to cover the pooja thali, wrap around idols, and cover the prayer table. People believe using pure cotton cloth produces a peaceful, clean environment that helps them connect with the divine more deeply.

The soft feel of the cloth is also thought to please the gods and make the spiritual experience better as a whole. Also, using safed cloth in puja shows simplicity, humility, and a lack of material desires. This helps devotees focus on their spiritual link with the gods and nothing else. Overall, using white cotton fabric in pooja shows how much people care about their chosen spirits, are pure, and respect them.

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