Puja Raktachandan
Red Sandalwood, Raktachandan
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Red Sandalwood, Raktachandan



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Also known as Red Sandalwood or Raktachandan or Raksha Chandan or Lal Chandan or Rakta Chandan.

Red sandalwood is a tree that is native to India. The wood of the tree is a reddish brown colour and has a strong, sweet smell. The tree is often used in Ayurvedic medicine and has many benefits. Some of the benefits of red sandalwood include: reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and improving circulation.

Significance of Red Sandalwood, Raktachandan in Puja

In daily puja, the red sandalwood garland is very important. Every problem in life can be solved by chanting the siddhi mantras of Mother Kali while wearing this garland. Other than that, give Mother Lakshmi a red sandalwood tika every Friday. This makes things better and happier at home.

Product note

  • No claims are made about what this item can do on a spiritual level. These pieces of content came from Holy Books, folktales, and other places. Since these are natural products, the real product may look a little different from the picture. No two natural products have the same texture and pattern.

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