Natural & Pure Kumkum Powder, Organic Red Roli Tilak for Pooja


Shop for the best quality red kumkum online for all your religious ceremonies like puja, havan and other spiritual purposes. Get it delivered to your doorstep at amazing prices!

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Also known as Laal Kumkum Powder, Roli or Kum Kum Powder, Vermilion, Red Kumkum or Red Sindoor.

  • In Hinduism, red kumkum is a holy symbol that helps people ask gods and goddesses for their benefit.
  • It stands for wealth, children, good health, and happiness in general.
  • It is a vital tool to keep away evil spirits and bring good luck.
  • It is used in holy ceremonies like puja, Diwali, and Durga Puja.
  • Red kumkuma is also used in weddings to tell people they need to stay faithful to each other.
  • People think putting red kumkuma on their foreheads will bring them divine grace.

What is Red Kumkum Powder?

Along with turmeric, the red kumkum is one of the essential things in Hindu religious events. It is an essential part of puja, which is how Hindus show respect to their gods. Putting red kumkum on the forehead traditionally asks the gods and goddesses for their benefit.

In Hinduism, the Roli signifies wealth, health, fertility, and general happiness. It symbolises happiness and good fortune because it keeps away evil spirits. Putting red kumkum on your forehead during big celebrations like Diwali or Durga Puja shows that you believe in the holy power of the Universe. Red kumkuma is also an essential part of wedding ceremonies, where it reminds the bride and groom to stay faithful to each other for life.

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Tip: Devotees often buy Manohar Chandan Puja Powder along with this item.

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