Red Kumkum Powder, Roli


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Also known as Laal Kumkum Powder, Roli or Kum Kum Powder, Vermilion, Red Kumkum or Red Sindoor.

Red kumkum is one of the most important items in Hindu religious ceremonies and rituals. It is an important component of puja, a process in which Hindus pay homage to their gods. The traditional practice of marking the forehead with red kumkum is carried out to seek blessings from the gods and goddesses.

In Hinduism, the Roli symbolises prosperity, fertility, health and overall well-being. It represents auspiciousness and good luck as it offers protection against evil spirits. During major festivals such as Diwali or Durga Puja, red kumkum on the forehead signifies that one has acknowledged the divine power in the Universe. Red kumkuma also plays a vital role in marriage ceremonies, where it serves as a reminder for married couples to stay faithful towards each other for eternity.

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