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  • Herbal Dry Reetha, which is also known as Ritha or Soapnut Herb. This powerful plant has been used for hundreds of years in traditional hair and skin care remedies.
  • The Dry Reetha is full of saponins, which make a natural foam when soaked in water. This makes it an excellent option for traditional soaps and shampoos, often full of harsh chemicals. Cleanse your body and hair gently with nature’s gift to get the ultimate feel-good experience.
  • Not only is the Reetha great for cleaning, but it is also great for your hair. It helps remove extra oil, dandruff, and other impurities while making hair healthy and shiny. This plant can help soothe irritated scalps and encourage hair growth when used regularly.
  • Just soak a few pieces of Reetha in warm water until they become soft and release their natural foaming agents. Apply the foam to your body or use it as a shampoo to get clean, healthy hair. Experience the wonders of the Reetha and learn about the power of nature’s soap and shampoo substitute.

Regional names of Dry Reetha Nut

Botanical nameSenegalia Rugata
English NameSoapnut, Soap Nut, Soapberry, Soap Berry, Washnut, Wash Nut, South Indian Soapnut, Three-leaf Soapberry
AssameseAritha (হাইঠা )
BengaliRitha (ৰীঠা)
GujaratiArithi, Aritho, Arithu (અરીઠી , અરીઠો , અરીઠું)
HindiRitha, Reetha, Aritha, Phenil, Risht, Rishtak (फेनिल, रिष्ट, रिष्टक)
KannadaAntuvala kayi, Norekaayi, Togate mara (ಅಂಟುವಾಳ ಕಾಯಿ, ನೊರೆಕಾಯಿ , ತೊಗಟೆ ಮರ)
MalayalamCavakkaay, Pasakkottamaram,Uruvanchi (ചവക്കായ് , പശക്കൊട്ടമരം , ഉറുവഞ്ചി)
MarathiPhenil (फेनिल)
OdiaRitha (ରୀଠା)
SanskritHrishtah, Phenaka, Phenil, Rishtah, Rishtak, Rita, Sarishta, Urdhvashodhanah (हृष्टः फेनका , फेनिल , रिष्टः , रिष्टक , रीठा , सारिष्ट , ऊर्ध्वशोधनः)
TamilPannankottai, Punalai, Punthi, Puvanti (புனலை , பூந்தி , பூவந்தி)
TeluguKunkum Chettu, kunkuduchettu, phenilamu (కుంకుడుచెట్టు, ఫేనిలము)
UrduPhenil, Reetha (ريٹھا)

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In India, the best price for organic dry Reetha for hair care online is at Pujasthan. Reetha, also known as Soapnut, is well-known for its natural cleaning qualities. By using organic dry Reetha, you can keep your hair healthy and shiny without using any dangerous chemicals. Shop now and enjoy the benefits of this natural hair care product.

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