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About product

  • Here is Raw Shikakai Fruit, the best natural way to care for your hair. This fantastic fruit comes from the Shikakai tree and has many benefits to make your hair look and feel better.
  • Shikakai, also called Acacia Concinna in the scientific world, has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years to help hair grow, clean the head, and strengthen the hair follicles. This soap pod is an excellent alternative to hair products full of chemicals because it has no fake scents, sulfates, or parabens. Our Shikakai raw can make your hair shiny and smooth.
  • The natural ingredients that make up dry Shikakai are the key to how well it works. It has a lot of saponins, which makes it a great cleaner. When mixed with water, it makes a rich, foamy lather that cleans the scalp well, removing dirt, oil, and other impurities without taking the natural oils essential for healthy hair.
  • Using our Shikakai raw regularly will also help stop hair from breaking and splitting. It feeds the hair shaft, making it more robust and less likely to get damaged by the environment, hot-style tools, and harsh chemicals. Its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities help keep the scalp healthy and eliminate dandruff and other problems with the scalp.
  • Also, Shikakai is a great natural conditioner for hair. It removes knots in the hair, making it easier to style and less frizzy. It also makes the hair look better by giving it a natural shine and softness.
  • To use this product, soak the soap pod in warm water until it softens, then massage the resulting lather into your head and hair. Leave it on for a few minutes so the nutrients can get in, and then wash it off well.
  • With our Shikakai raw Fruit, you can treat your hair with the care and love it deserves. Say goodbye to hair products full of chemicals and turn to nature to get beautiful, healthy hair. Try it out today, and get ready to be blown away!

Regional names of Raw Shikakai Fruit

Botanical nameSenegalia rugata
English NameSoap pod, Soap Pod Wattle
AssameseAmasikiraa, Kachuai, Kusiya-kainta, Pasoi-tenga, Suse-lewa (আমশিকিৰা , কাচুৱাই , কুচিয়া কাইট , পাচৈ টেঙা, চুচে লেৱা)
BengaliBan Ritha (বন রিঠে)
GujaratiShikakai (શિકાકાઈ)
HindiShikakai, Van Ritha (शिकाकाई , वन रिठा)
Kannadaseege kaay (ಸೀಗೆಕಾಯಿ)
Malayalamcinikka, civakka (ചീനിക്ക , ചീവക്ക)
MarathiShikekai (शिकेकाई)
OdiaBana Rith (ବଣ ରିଠା )
SanskritKantavalli, Shivavalli, Shrivalli (कण्टवल्ली , शिववल्ली , श्रीवल्ली)
TamilCikai-k-kay (சிகைக்காய் )
TeluguSikaya (సీకాయ)
TuluSeege (ಸೀಗೆ )

Buy Raw Shikakai Fruit Online at the Best Price in India

From Pujasthan, you can now buy raw Shikakai online at the best price in India. Shikakai is an herb that is often used to take care of hair. This Natural and organic herb helps remove dandruff, reduces hair loss, makes hair soft and shiny, and promotes hair growth. You can get all of Shikakai’s perks if you buy it from Pujasthan.

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