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Powerful Lord Shiva Quotes

Powerful Lord Shiva Quotes

You learn what is right when you read Shiva’s words, and your mind wakes up. Bhagwan Shiva is very angry, but he is quickly moved by pure devotion and blesses everyone. His words will show you the right way and the truth about this world.

Lord Shiva is one of the three most important gods, the other two being Brahma and Vishnu. He is known as Adiyogi, Mahakal, Bolenath, Mahadev, Shiva, and many others. People admire him and follow him in every part of the world.

He is one of the Hindu gods that people pray to the most. And in this piece, we’ll look at the Shiva quotes that will brighten your life with positivity, hope, and sunshine.

110 Lord Mahadev Shiva Quotes

  1. Shiva is everything and everyone; he is the Universe itself.
  2. Shiva has two one-sided eyes, so you need to see his third eye to get a perfect balance.
  3. When the world makes you feel bad, Mahadev comes to your aid.
  4. Shiva shows you how to do good things for this world.
  5. Mahadev is a part of the present, the past, and the future.
  6. Shiva’s blue throat shows that he drank poison and needs to learn how to use his anger positively.
  7. Shiva is so complicated and full that he includes everything in the world.
  8. Lord Shiva is called darkness, not light because darkness is always present.
  9. Shiva has nothing to do with you or your life. So, you aren’t doing anything to make your own life.
  10. Shiva says that staying calm and having faith are often all you need to do to find peace.
  11. In the Yogic tradition, Mahadev is called Adi Yogi, which means he is the source of knowledge and freedom.
  12. Shiva says that creation and destruction are connected because something else comes into being when one thing goes. The time between creation and destruction is your life.
  13. Shiva says that you are free to make your own choices but not to avoid the results of those choices.
  14. Shiva and Shakti can’t be split up.
  15. If you get to know Lord Shiva, you’ll see that his silence says a lot.
  16. I am both Shiva and Shakti. I am everything that is both male and female, physical and spiritual, light and dark, all in one moment that will last forever.
  17. Everything is nothing, and nothing is everything.
  18. Mahadev is not a god who sits up somewhere; he is a living being.
  19. Even though Lord Shiva has no manners, everyone worships him because he is great.
  20. The best thing you can learn from Shiva is to help people who are in need.
  21. When Shiva opens his third eye, fire comes out of it. This fire shows that Shiva has burned everything inside him.
  22. Mahadev is a sign, an opportunity, and a way to change yourself and make your own life.
  23. You have won when you learn how to keep bad thoughts from taking over your thinking.
  24. Lord Shiva’s Kamandalam stands for getting rid of bad things and keeping good things.
  25. Shiva always teaches that happiness that comes from things can’t last.
  26. Adiyogi is not a building but a force that changes the world from a group of followers to people who want to find the truth.
  27. In Yogic culture, Shiva is the deep nothingness that life emerges from and then falls back into.
  28. Shiva is the source of all things, but Shakti is the one who makes the first thing.
  29. Shiva is the path you need to take to be different when you step into the next moment.
  30. When you trust him and follow the right road, Shiva is always inside you.
  31. Shiva and Shakti come together to make things, says Mahadev.
  32. Mahadev says life is the most important thing, and you should always remember that.
  33. He’s both Mahadev and Tridev.
  34. “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” will be chanted when you believe in him.
  35. The word Shiva means “without death,” “timeless,” “formless,” and “everywhere.”
  36. Shiva was the perfect example of love, and he always will be.
  37. Shiva is here and everywhere. He is everywhere and everywhere at the same time.
  38. Mahadev is the god of all gods, and everyone is welcome to worship him. So, he helps the person who makes the world a better place.
  39. Lord Shiva’s eyes don’t see two different things.
  40. Lord Shiva has many different looks. He is the most powerful and eternal being, and all the opposites merge into him to make the whole.
  41. Mahadev’s head is fire, his eyes are the sun and moon, his ears are space, his breaths are the winds, his feet are the world, and his heart is the UniverseUniverse. He is the core of everything.
  42. Shiva says you should never watch someone sin in front of you. If you do that, you are also to blame because you did it.
  43. One can win if they know how to take charge.
  44. Mahadev is where success comes from, and he is everything. He rules in the hearts of his followers as well as the hearts of the other gods.
  45. Shiva is also known as Ardhanari because he is half male and half female. He can’t be a Yogi without the part for the woman.
  46. Adiyogi is the same as Yogi, and Shiva is his name because people think he is the seed of infinity.
  47. All things are made out of nothing and return to nothing. Shiva is the name for this nothingness, which is the cause of everything.
  48. Shiva means “what isn’t there,” or “nothing.” Shiva is that nothingness that makes everything and gives everything purpose.
  49. We didn’t say that Shiva is god or holy, but we did say that Shiva is not what it seems to be.
  50. Shiva is called the limitless nothingness, which is the base of everything.
  51. Shiva likes people who are burning and not attached to anything or any joy.
  52. People call Shiva the dimension of reality that is not physical. This is the largest dimension in the cosmos.
  53. We celebrate Mahashivratri and other holidays to show our thanks to Lord Shiva because, without him, none of our creations would be able to stay alive.
  54. The Shiva Lingam is a sign of infinity and never-ending life. And we call the lingam Shiva because there wouldn’t be any Shiva without the lingam.
  55. Shiva is called Chidambaram, which means “inner sky,” because he is the mind’s inner sky.
  56. Adiyogi was the first person to do Yoga.
  57. Lord Shiva can only make something when he joins forces with Shakti.
  58. Mahadev is not the answer to small problems; he is the way to freedom.
  59. Shiva is thought to be the most powerful and the best of the best because his name means “nothingness,” which is the ground of all creation.
  60. Shiva is called Swayambhu because he has no parents or bloodline.
  61. The hooded snake around Shiva’s neck means the energies have reached their highest point.
  62. Lord Shiva loves everyone who has faith in him.
  63. The worlds are made up of Shiva and Shakti.
  64. Shiva is Tridev; he is Mahadev.
  65. Everyone and everything bows down to Mahadev. I bend down before Mahadev.
  66. When you don’t have calm thoughts, you talk. You can only keep quiet if you can keep your thoughts in check.
  67. You have already done this so you can do it again. Also, just think about the good things in your life. Turn your anger, frustration, pain, and anxiety into something good, under control, and impossible to stop.
  68. The sound of Mahadev’s Damru is enough to wake the wise and scare away the bad.
  69. Lord Shiva has a plan for you, so be happy and enjoy your life.
  70. Shiva has feelings; he has feelings. Shiva is everything, and nothing is bigger or more important than him. He is the holy nothingness that never stops being empty.
  71. He rules over time. He is in the past, in the present, and in the future.
  72. Only he and his gift will stay with you for the rest of your life.
  73. Shiva is Shakti, he is Bhakti. Shiva is Omkar, and he is also Brahman. He has no end and is the truth.
  74. You can find peace if you are calm and sure of what you want.
  75. Shiva is all we know and all we don’t know.
  76. The winner is the person who learns how to keep their bad thoughts in check.
  77. Even though the road might look hard, you should start walking because Shiva is waiting for you on the other side.
  78. We all worship the three-eyed trinity, which has a pleasant smell, and the one who takes us out of the circle of rebirth and gives us freedom.
  79. If Shiva is all you have, you don’t need anything else.
  80. Shiva is always behind, in front of, next to, inside, and for you.
  81. He will never decide what will happen in your life; you need to know this. Don’t put your mistakes on him.
  82. Lord Shiva’s most important lesson is to let go of your ego and pride to live a happy life.
  83. Without Mahadev, life has no point.
  84. Shiva says your life will only have value if you work toward your goals in a way that can’t be stopped.
  85. When it seems like you can’t do anything, remember that Mahadev has taken care of your problems.
  86. May Lord Shiva bless you and your family in a big way?
  87. Even pain will feel better when his shadow is over your head.
  88. Everyone’s prayers are heard, tears are seen, and Lord Shiva remembers everyone. All you have to do is trust that he will do things at the right time.
  89. Lord Shiva is the best example of what it means to be great, pure, and loving.
  90. Lord Shiva is the eternal being; everything comes from him and goes back into him.
  91. No matter what comes into your life, you should never put up with bad things.
  92. Mahadev is everything, and in the end, everything unites with him.
  93. You need “SELF-CONTROL” if you want to live a good life.
  94. You must know how to get rid of bad things in your life.
  95. When Shiva taught the different parts of what we now call Yoga, he allowed people to work together with creation.
  96. Shiva is where all thought comes from.
  97. When Shakti takes over, Shiva steps back.
  98. Stay on Lord Shiva’s side through good times and bad because when you have nothing left, Shiva is always up to something.
  99. Both Gods and Demons love Mahadev. This proves that he helps and blesses everyone.
  100. You won’t ever want to complain when you know what Lord Shiva is really like.
  101. The wish will turn into an obsession, and the obsession will destroy you.
  102. The Ganga in Shiva’s head is a sign that you know what you’re doing.
  103. Lord Shiva teaches you how to use your power for good. He shows that hurting other people is wrong.
  104. Mahadev is known as the Mahayogi because he always meditates for the good of the whole UniverseUniverse.
  105. Mahadev is a Yogi who doesn’t want anything and doesn’t get stuck on anything.
  106. Be with your partners the way Shiva and Parvati are with each other.
  107. Lord Shiva will always keep you safe from bad things.
  108. Mahadev is the most powerful god, and no one can stop him.
  109. If you believe in him, you will never be alone.
  110. Bholenath is the name of Mahadev, but he is the master of the master.
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