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21 Names of Lord Ganesha

21 Names of Lord Ganesha – Eka Vimshati Namavali of Lord Ganesha

21 Names of Lord Ganesha – Another name for Lord Ganesha is the Remover of Obstacles. He is a Hindu god and is one of the most loved and respected in the Pantheon. Ganesha’s unique elephant head and potbelly represent knowledge, success, and good luck. You may know this famous person by 21 names, but did you know that? Each name describes a different part of his divine nature and traits, giving us an exciting look into the complex personality of this adored god.

Each name has a meaning and a symbol, from Vighnaharta, who removes obstacles, to Vinayaka, who is the boss. This piece will go into great detail about the meanings of these names. We will look at Lord Ganesha’s complex personality and see how each name shows a different aspect of his power and influence. Whether you are a devoted devotee or just interested in Hindu folklore, these 21 names of Lord Ganesha will captivate you with their complex web of meanings.

21 Names of Lord Ganesha

  1. Sumukha
  2. Ganadhisha
  3. Umaputra
  4. Gajamukha
  5. Lambodara
  6. Harasuna
  7. Shurpakarna
  8. Vakratunda
  9. Guhagraja
  10. Ekadanta
  11. Heramba
  12. Chaturhotra
  13. Sarveshwara
  14. Vikata
  15. Hematunda
  16. Vinayaka
  17. Kapila
  18. Vatave
  19. Bhalachandra
  20. Suragraja
  21. Siddhi Vinayaka

Shri Ganesha 21 Names, Meaning & Mantras

Sr. NoNameMeaningMantra
1SumukhaOne Who has a beautiful faceOm Sumukhaya Namah।
2GanadhishaLord of guards of Lord ShivaOm Ganadhishaya Namah।
3UmaputraThe Son Of Goddess UmaOm Uma Putraya Namah।
4GajamukhaThe Lord who has an elephant faceOm Gajamukhaya Namah।
5LambodaraOne with a large bellyOm Lambodaraya Namah।
6HarasunaThe one with huge earsOm Hara Sunave Namah।
7ShurpakarnaThe one with huge ears.Om Shurpakarnaya Namah।
8VakratundaThe Lord with a twisted trunkOm Vakratundaya Namah।
9GuhagrajaLord as the elder brother of Lord Kartikeya (Skanda)Om Guhagrajaya Namah।
10EkadantaHaving One ToothOm Ekadantaya Namah।
11HerambaMother’s Beloved SonOm Herambaraya Namah।
12ChaturhotraThe one with four handsOm Chaturhotrai Namah।
13SarveshwaraLord Of AllOm Sarveshvaraya Namah।
14VikataOne Who is Ferocious or the MisshapenOm Vikataya Namah।
15HematundaOm Hematundaya Namah।
16VinayakaOne who has the qualities to leadOm Vinayakaya Namah।
17KapilaThe one with reddish-brown complexionOm Kapilaya Namah।
18VataveOm Vatave Namah।
19BhalachandraThe Lord who carries the crescent of the moon on his headOm Bhala Chandraya Namah।
20SuragrajaThe lord of the entire heavenOm Suragrajaya Namah।
21Siddhi VinayakaThe Lord who grants success or fulfilmentOm Siddhi Vinayakaya Namah।

 Benefits of Chanting 12 Ganesha Names

There are profound spiritual and practical benefits to chanting the 12 names of Ganesha. Each name has meaning and shows a different part of Lord Ganesha’s holy energy. You can get Ganesha’s help and solve life’s problems quickly and wisely by chanting these names.

Also, repeating the 12 names of Ganesha can help you concentrate and clear your mind. This exercise can help you feel emotionally stable and at peace with yourself by calming the mind. As a result, people who follow this path often feel less stressed and more aware in their daily lives.

Also, saying these important names repeatedly makes the practitioner more grateful and humble. It helps people feel deeply connected to Lord Ganesha’s divine energy, which leads to a high state of awareness that affects every part of their being.

Significance of Reciting Eka Vimshati Namavali in Puja and Mantra Worship

In Hinduism, saying Ganpati Eka Vimshati Namavali during puja and mantra worship is very important. Lord Ganesha has 21 names that each represent a different quality about him. These names mean things like wisdom, strength, and good luck. Each name calls up a different part of Ganesha’s holy presence, which helps the worshipper get closer to his energy.

Also, saying these names over and over is a powerful way to meditate because it connects the person with good vibrations and helps them find inner peace and harmony. The rhythmic reading also trains and concentrates the mind, which makes spiritual practice more focused and aware. Overall, this holy performance makes people more devoted to Ganesha and helps them grow spiritually and personally.

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