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108 Names of Maa Durga

108 Names of Maa Durga | Goddess Durga Ashtottara Shatanamavali

Maa Durga is a vital figure in Hindu mythology and spirituality who stands for strength, defence, and divine grace. Maa Durga has many names that describe her different qualities and forms. The 108 names of Maa Durga are potent mantras that call on her help and gifts. Each name has meaning and connects with followers […]

108 Names of Lord Krishna

108 Names of Lord Krishna, Sri Krishna Ashtottara Shata

108 Names of Lord Krishna: Hindu folklore is complex, and Lord Krishna is one of the most beautiful, wise, and gracious characters. Krishna is regarded as the eighth form of Lord Vishnu. He is known for being naughty as a child, playing the flute in a way that mesmerised the Gopis, and giving profound lessons […]

108 Names of Lord Shiva

Unique 108 Names of Lord Shiva with Meaning & Mantra

In Hindu mythology and faith, Lord Shiva is a revered god representing destruction and creation. Millions of people worldwide worship this god, known for being mysterious and having great power. The 108 names that Lord Shiva is known by in the old Vedic books are something that many people may not know. These names hint […]

21 Names of Lord Ganesha

21 Names of Lord Ganesha – Eka Vimshati Namavali of Lord Ganesha

21 Names of Lord Ganesha – Another name for Lord Ganesha is the Remover of Obstacles. He is a Hindu god and is one of the most loved and respected in the Pantheon. Ganesha’s unique elephant head and potbelly represent knowledge, success, and good luck. You may know this famous person by 21 names, but […]

12 Names of Lord Surya

12 Names of Lord Surya – Dwadasha Namavali of Lord Sun

People from many countries have worshipped and praised the sun throughout history. The sun gives us light, warmth, and life. According to Hinduism, the sun is Lord Surya, a vital god for energy, vitality, and enlightenment. According to the Vedic texts, the 12 Names of Lord Surya are significant and are thought to include all […]

12 names of hanuman

12 Names of Hanuman Ji, Meaning & Mantras

12 names of Hanuman Ji: Few characters in Hindu mythology stand out as much as Lord Hanuman, the revered monkey god known for his unwavering loyalty and incredible strength. Since Hanuman is one of the main characters in the Ramayana, his story has fascinated believers and scholars, sparking many stories of bravery and spiritual wisdom. […]

How to Do Havan at Home

How to Do Havan at Home: Step-by-Step Guide Havan Vidhi

Performing Havan, also known as yajna or homa, is an old Hindu rite that is very important to the religion. In Havan, people worship by putting offerings into a sacred fire while reciting mantras. This is usually done in a havan kund. It is an old practice that can make the space more spiritual and […]

Benefits of vaijanti mala

Vaijanti Mala: Know the Benefits Original Vaijayanti Mala in Japa Puja

The Vaijayanti Japa Mala is connected to Lord Krishna and Vishnu. Most of the time, the mala is used to repeat chants about Krishna, Vishnu, and the different “avatars” of Lord Vishnu. There are many good things about wearing a Vaijayanti Mala. People think that Sri Krishna wore the mala. The decorations, flowers, or seeds […]

Benefits of Gomati Chakra

Gomti Chakra: Understand What are they and the Benefits of Gomati Chakra

Gomti Chakras are holy things often used as lucky charms to bring good health and prosperity. They are also known as Naag-Chakra, Cow’s Eye Shell, and Cat’s Eye Shell. Gomati chakras are found naturally in the Gomti river, a Dwarka branch of the Ganges (Ganga) river in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Gomti […]

Hang Nimbu Mirchi

Why do we Hang Nimbu Mirchi Outside of the Door?

A very common Indian custom is to hang a nimbu-mirchi outside of our homes, shops, or cars. On the streets of India, you might see nimbu-mirchi hanging on the door of some homes. Now, this has been done for hundreds of years. Today, many people think it’s just a silly old belief, while others think […]

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