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Powerful Lord Shiva Quotes

Powerful Lord Shiva Quotes

You learn what is right when you read Shiva’s words, and your mind wakes up. Bhagwan Shiva is very angry, but he is quickly moved by pure devotion and blesses everyone. His words will show you the right way and the truth about this world. Lord Shiva is one of the three most important gods, […]

spiritual meaning of a dream about Snakes

Dream about Snakes?  Learn the Spiritual Meaning of Seeing Snakes In a Dream

A lot of people dream about multiple snakes. What is the spiritual meaning of a snake in a dream? It means a lot of different things. Often, seeing a serpent in a dream makes us feel scared. But it also has a complicated and multi-layered meaning. Meaning of a snake dream, it’s often a sign […]

Benefits of Havan

Vedic & Scientific Benefits of Havan

Benefits of Havan: In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget what our ancestors knew. But even though we’ve come a long way, sometimes the most important things we know come from the oldest practices. Havan is an ancient practice that has amazing effects. Havan, a Hindu fire meditation practice that has been around for […]

Types of Tilak on Forehead

Know the types of tilak applied on the forehead & It’s Significance

In Hinduism, Tilak is a sign of honour that people wear to show their faith. It also helps people get out of the physical world. From what the Atharvana Upanishad says, anyone who puts on a tilak that looks like Lord Krishna’s lotus feet gets closer to the Paramatma or the Supreme Self. In Brahmaratra, […]

What is Ekadashi Fast?

Ekadashi Fast: Learn the significance of Ekadashi and its Importance

Ekadashi is an auspicious day in Hinduism. It is the eleventh lunar day (ekadashi tithi) of each of the two lunar phases: the time when the moon is getting brighter (Shukla Paksha) and the time when the moon is getting darker (Krushna Paksa). Why is Ekadashi celebrated? In Hindu mythology, Ekadashi means turning the ten […]

What is Shagun

What is Shagun? Learn why we give 1 rupee coin in an envelope during Marriage ceremonies

Shagun is a word that comes from the Sanskrit language. It means “good luck” or “blessing.” Hinduism is a religion that has been around for hundreds of years. The Vedic scriptures, the Upanishads, and other books are the foundation of Hinduism. Hinduism is made up of a lot of rituals and beliefs. These works were […]

Significance of 108 in Hinduism: Sacred about the number 108

The Power of Number 108: Exploring the Significance of the Sacred Number in Hinduism

Hinduism is a religion that has a lot of rituals, traditions, and customs. Most of these things have been done since the time of the Vedas. You may have noticed that 108 comes up a lot when discussing the Hindu religion. We will examine where 108 counts come from, their meaning, and their importance. According […]

Meaning of Atithi Devo Bhava

The Deep Meaning Behind Atithi Devo Bhava

Atithi Devo Bhava is a Sanskrit phrase with deep meaning and significance in Indian culture. This phrase recognizes and honours the guest as God and expresses hospitality rooted in ancient Indian literature and values. In this article, we will discuss the deep meaning of Atithidevo Bhava. We’ll explore the phrase’s origins, origin in the Upanishads […]

Why Gudi Padwa is celebrated

Why Gudi Padwa is celebrated?

Gudi Padwa is a celebration that people from western India, particularly Maharashtra, should be aware of. The event is mainly observed in the state and commemorates Lord Brahma’s universe creation. Gudi Padwa is, therefore, one of the most significant Hindu holidays, and it is believed to bring a great deal of good fortune, success, wealth, […]

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