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Who is Durga

Who is Devi Durga?

Durga is the main form of the Goddess in Hinduism. She is also called Devi and Shakti. According to legend, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and the lesser gods made Durga so they could kill the buffalo demon Mahishasura, who was too strong to handle alone. She is a part of the male deities and the true […]

Who is Lord Ram

Who is Lord Ram?

The personification of gallantry and virtue, Rama is one of the most widely revered Hindu deities. In Indian tradition, there are three Ramas: Parashurama, Balarama, and Ramachandra. However, the name is primarily linked with Ramachandra, Vishnu’s seventh incarnation (avatar). His narrative is recorded briefly in the Mahabharata (the “Great Epic of the Bharata Dynasty”) and […]

Who is Lord Hanuman

Who is Lord Hanuman?

In Hindu mythology, Hanuman is the monkey army’s commander. His actions are chronicled in the great Hindu Sanskrit poem Ramayana (Rama’s Journey). Hanuman, the son of a nymph and the god of the wind, mistook the Sun for fruit when he was a newborn and attempted to fly up and catch it. Indra, the lord […]

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