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108 Names of Lord Shiva

Unique 108 Names of Lord Shiva with Meaning & Mantra

In Hindu mythology and faith, Lord Shiva is a revered god representing destruction and creation. Millions of people worldwide worship this god, known for being mysterious and having great power. The 108 names that Lord Shiva is known by in the old Vedic books are something that many people may not know.

These names hint at his many sides, from his role as the destroyer of evil to his kindness as a good guide. Come with us on a trip through these holy names that reveal Lord Shiva’s essence in a way that has never been seen before.

108 Names of Lord Shiva as per Vedas

  1. Aashutosh
  2. Adiguru
  3. Adinath
  4. Adiyogi
  5. Aja
  6. Akshayaguna
  7. Anagha
  8. Anantadrishti
  9. Augadh
  10. Avyayaprabhu
  11. Bhairav
  12. Bhalanetra
  13. Bholenath
  14. Bhooteshwara
  15. Bhudeva
  16. Bhutapala
  17. Chandrapal
  18. Chandraprakash
  19. Dayalu
  20. Devadideva
  21. Dhanadeepa
  22. Dhyanadeep
  23. Dhyutidhara
  24. Digambara
  25. Durjaneeya
  26. Durjaya
  27. Gangadhara
  28. Girijapati
  29. Gunagrahin
  30. Gurudeva
  31. Hara
  32. Jagadisha
  33. Jaradhishamana
  34. Jatin
  35. Kailas
  36. Kailashadhipati
  37. Kailashnath
  38. Kamalakshana
  39. Kantha
  40. Kapalin
  41. Kochadaiyaan
  42. Kundalin
  43. Lalataksha
  44. Lingadhyaksha
  45. Lokankara
  46. Lokapal
  47. Mahabuddhi
  48. Mahadeva
  49. Mahakala
  50. Mahamaya
  51. Mahamrityunjaya
  52. Mahanidhi
  53. Mahashaktimaya
  54. Mahayogi
  55. Mahesha
  56. Maheshwara
  57. Nagabhushana
  58. Nataraja
  59. Nilakantha
  60. Nityasundara
  61. Nrityapriya
  62. Omkara
  63. Palanhaar
  64. Panchatsaran
  65. Parameshwara
  66. Paramjyoti
  67. Pashupati
  68. Pinakin
  69. Pranava
  70. Priyabhakta
  71. Priyadarshana
  72. Pushkara
  73. Pushpalochana
  74. Ravilochana
  75. Rudra
  76. Sadashiva
  77. Sanatana
  78. Sarvacharya
  79. Sarvashiva
  80. Sarvatapana
  81. Sarvayoni
  82. Sarveshwara
  83. Shambho
  84. Shankara
  85. Shantah
  86. Shoolin
  87. Shreshhtha
  88. Shrikantha
  89. Shrutiprakasha
  90. Skandaguru
  91. Someshwara
  92. Sukhada
  93. Swayambhu
  94. Tejaswani
  95. Trilochana
  96. Trilokpati
  97. Tripurari
  98. Trishoolin
  99. Umapati
  100. Vachaspati
  101. Vajrahasta
  102. Varada
  103. Vedakarta
  104. Veerabhadra
  105. Vishalaksha
  106. Vishveshwara
  107. Vishwanath
  108. Vrishavahana

Lord Shiva Names, Meaning & Mantra

Sr. NoNameOne who instantly fulfils all wishesMantra
1AashutoshOne who instantly fulfills all wishesOm Ashutoshay Namah।
2AdiguruThe first GuruOm Adiguruay Namah।
3AdinathThe first LordOm Adinathay Namah।
4AdiyogiThe first YogiOm Adiyogiay Namah।
5AjaThe UnbornOm Ajay Namah।
6AkshayagunaThe one with limitless qualitiesOm Akshayagunay Namah।
7AnaghaThe faultless oneOm Anaghay Namah।
8AnantadrishtiOf infinite visionOm Anantadrishtiay Namah।
9AugadhOne who revels all the timeOm Augadhay Namah।
10AvyayaprabhuImperishableOm Avyayaprabhuay Namah।
11BhairavDestroyer of fearOm Bhairavay Namah।
12BhalanetraOne who has an eye in the foreheadOm Bhalanetray Namah।
13BholenathThe simple oneOm Bholenathay Namah।
14BhooteshwaraOne who has mastery over the elementsOm Bhooteshwaray Namah।
15BhudevaLord of the earthOm Bhudevay Namah।
16BhutapalaProtector of the disembodied beingsOm Bhutapalay Namah।
17ChandrapalMaster of the moonOm Chandrapalay Namah।
18ChandraprakashOne who has moon as a crestOm Chandraprakashay Namah।
19DayaluThe compassionate oneOm Dayaluay Namah।
20DevadidevaThe god of godsOm Devadidevay Namah।
21DhanadeepaLord of wealthOm Dhanadeepay Namah।
22DhyanadeepThe light of meditationOm Dhyanadeepay Namah।
23DhyutidharaLord of brillianceOm Dhyutidharay Namah।
24DigambaraThe one who wears the sky as his raimentOm Digambaray Namah।
25DurjaneeyaDifficult to be knownOm Durjaneeyay Namah।
26DurjayaThe unvanquishedOm Durjayay Namah।
27GangadharaLord of river gangaOm Gangadharay Namah।
28GirijapatiConsort of girijaOm Girijapatiay Namah।
29GunagrahinAcceptor of gunasOm Gunagrahinay Namah।
30GurudevaThe great GuruOm Gurudevay Namah।
31HaraRemover of sinsOm Haray Namah।
32JagadishaMaster of the UniverseOm Jagadishay Namah।
33JaradhishamanaRedeemer from afflictionsOm Jaradhishamanay Namah।
34JatinThe one with matted hairOm Jatinay Namah।
35KailasOne who bestows peaceOm Kailasay Namah।
36KailashadhipatiLord of Mount KailashOm Kailashadhipatiay Namah।
37KailashnathMaster of Mount KailashOm Kailashnathay Namah।
38KamalakshanaLotus-eyed lordOm Kamalakshanay Namah।
39KanthaEver-radiantOm Kanthay Namah।
40KapalinOne who wears a necklace of skullsOm Kapalinay Namah।
41KochadaiyaanThe lord with long dreadlocksOm Kochadaiyaanay Namah।
42KundalinOne who wears earringsOm Kundalinay Namah।
43LalatakshaOne who has an eye in the foreheadOm Adiguray Namah।
44LingadhyakshaLord of the lingasOm Lingadhyakshay Namah।
45LokankaraCreator of the three worldsOm Lokankaray Namah।
46LokapalOne who takes care of the worldOm Lokapalay Namah।
47MahabuddhiExtreme intelligenceOm Mahabuddhiay Namah।
48MahadevaGreatest GodOm Mahadevaay Namah।
49MahakalaThe lord of timeOm Mahakalay Namah।
50MahamayaOf great illusionsOm Mahamaya Namah।
51MahamrityunjayaGreat victor of deathOm Mahamrityunjaya Namah।
52MahanidhiGreat storehouseOm Mahanidhiay Namah।
53MahashaktimayaOne who has boundless energiesOm Mahashaktimaya Namah।
54MahayogiGreatest yogiOm Mahayogiay Namah।
55MaheshaSupreme lordOm Maheshay Namah।
56MaheshwaraLord of GodsOm Maheshwaray Namah।
57NagabhushanaOne who has serpents as ornamentsOm Nagabhushanay Namah।
58NatarajaKing of the art of dancingOm Natarajay Namah।
59NilakanthaThe Blue-throated oneOm Nilakanthay Namah।
60NityasundaraEver beautifulOm Nityasundaray Namah।
61NrityapriyaLover of DanceOm Nrityapriyay Namah।
62OmkaraCreator of AUMOm Omkaray Namah।
63PalanhaarOne who protects allOm Palanhaaray Namah।
64PanchatsaranVigorousOm Panchatsaranay Namah।
65ParameshwaraFirst among all godsOm Parameshwaray Namah।
66ParamjyotiGreatest splendorOm Paramjyotiay Namah।
67PashupatiLord of all living beingsOm Pashupatiay Namah।
68PinakinOne who has a bow in his handOm Pinakinay Namah।
69PranavaOriginator of the primal sound of AUMOm Pranavay Namah।
70PriyabhaktaFavorite of the devoteesOm Priyabhaktay Namah।
71PriyadarshanaOf loving visionOm Priyadarshanay Namah।
72PushkaraOne who gives nourishmentOm Pushkaray Namah।
73PushpalochanaOne who has eyes like flowersOm Pushpalochanay Namah।
74RavilochanaHaving Sun as the eyeOm Ravilochanay Namah।
75RudraThe RoarerOm Rudray Namah।
76SadashivaThe Transcended oneOm Sadashivay Namah।
77SanatanaThe Eternal GodOm Sanatanay Namah।
78SarvacharyaThe Supreme TeacherOm Sarvacharyay Namah।
79SarvashivaThe Eternal LordOm Sarvashivay Namah।
80SarvatapanaPreceptor of AllOm Sarvatapanay Namah।
81SarvayoniAlways PureOm Sarvayoniay Namah।
82SarveshwaraLord of AllOm Sarveshwaray Namah।
83ShambhoThe auspicious oneOm Shambhoay Namah।
84ShankaraLord of All GodsOm Shankaray Namah।
85ShantahPeaceful LordOm Shantahay Namah।
86ShoolinOne who has a tridentOm Shoolinay Namah।
87ShreshhthaAlways pureOm Shreshhthay Namah।
88ShrikanthaOne who has a pure bodyOm Shrikanthay Namah।
89ShrutiprakashaIlluminator of the VedasOm Shrutiprakashay Namah।
90SkandaguruPerceptor of SkandaOm Skandaguruay Namah।
91SomeshwaraLord of the MoonOm Someshwaray Namah।
92SukhadaThe giver of joyOm Sukhaday Namah।
93SwayambhuSelf-createdOm Swayambhuay Namah।
94TejaswaniOne who spreads illuminationOm Tejaswaniay Namah।
95TrilochanaThree-eyed LordOm Trilochanay Namah।
96TrilokpatiMaster of all the three worldsOm Trilokpatiay Namah।
97TripurariDestroyer of the “Tripur” (the 3 planets created by Asuras)Om Tripurariay Namah।
98TrishoolinOne who has a trident in his handsOm Trishoolinay Namah।
99UmapatiConsort of UmaOm Umapatiay Namah।
100VachaspatiLord of SpeechOm Vachaspatiay Namah।
101VajrahastaOne who has a thunderbolt in his handsOm Vajrahastay Namah।
102VaradaGranter of BoonsOm Varaday Namah।
103VedakartaOriginator of the VedasOm Vedakartay Namah।
104VeerabhadraSupreme Lord of the Nether WorldOm Veerabhadray Namah।
105VishalakshaWide-eyed LordOm Vishalakshay Namah।
106VishveshwaraLord of the UniverseOm Vishveshwaray Namah।
107VishwanathMaster of the UniverseOm Vishwanathay Namah।
108VrishavahanaOne who has bull as his vehicleOm Vrishavahanay Namah।

Benefits of Chanting 108 Names of Shiva During Puja

Chanting the 108 names of Shiva, also called the Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali, has many benefits. One of the best things about it is its strong link with Lord Shiva, which helps devotees grow in their spirituality and devotion. By saying each name with respect and concentration, people can connect with Shiva’s holy energy, which makes them feel more at peace and happy inside.

It is also suitable for your mind and body to chant the 108 names of Shiva. Reciting these holy mantras over and over again in a rhythmic way helps to calm and centre our minds, which lowers our stress and anxiety. People think that each name has vibrations that resonate within us, help clear out energetic blockages and improve our health. Regular exercise can also help clear your mind and focus, making you more productive in many areas of your life.

Chanting these influential names also helps us grow spiritually by bringing out dormant traits. Each name refers to a quality or trait we may not be aware of or are not using to its full potential. You can call on these holy qualities by chanting words like Saumya (kindness), Dhruva (stability), or Ananta (infinite). This makes those qualities come true in our lives. Through this process, we can reach our fullest potential for kindness, love, strength, and knowledge, which helps us grow as people.

Finally, chanting the 108 names of Lord Shiva has many benefits, ranging from making us more devoted to him to sending healing vibes into our bodies. Harmonising our mind, body, and spirit while calling on divine powers that can improve our lives is how it helps us achieve total well-being.

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