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5 Jyotirlingas in Maharashtra

5 Jyotirlingas in Maharashtra – Jyotirlinga Temple Location Map

India is a place with strong religious beliefs that have influenced people not only in India but also in many other places around the world. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the spirituality and devotion of India by visiting some of Lord Shiva’s jyotirlingas of Maharashtra. There are some beautiful jyotirlingas in India. And some of them are in the state of Maharashtra! We all know that Maharashtra has a lot to offer tourists, from hill stations to beaches and from historical sites to a lot of wildlife.

What are 5 Jyotirlingas in Maharashtra?

Aundha Nagnath, Bhimashankar, Ghrishneshwar, Parali Vajinath, and Trimbakeshwar are the five Jyotirlingas in Maharashtra. Bhimashankar is a very important pilgrimage site. It is in the middle of a thick, dense forest. About 25,000 people come here every year for the Maha Shivratri fair. The name of Bhimashankar comes from the fact that the River Bhima starts here. Maharashtra’s Trimbakeshwar is a very holy place. It is close to the city of Nasik & Mumbai.

5 Jyotirlinga in Maharashtra Map

Jyotirlinga in Maharashtra Map

Aundha Nagnath Temple

Aundha Nagnath Temple

For Hindus in India, the twelve jyotirlingas are the most important places to visit. Maharashtra is home to five of them. These places have been places of worship for thousands of years. One of them is called Aundha-Nagnath. The Hingoli District is where Anudha Nagnath is.

Aundha nagnath jyotirlinga pilgrimage site is very important because it is thought to be the eighth of the twelve jyotirlingas. It is thought that Dharmraj, the eldest of the Pandavas, built this beautiful temple while they were out of Hastinapur for 14 years.

The carvings in the temple of Nagnath are beautiful. The temple is built in the style of Hemadpanthi and is spread out over an area of about 60,000 square feet. On Shivratri and Vijayadashmi, a lot of people come to this temple to pray.

Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga

Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga

The distance between Nashik and Trimbakeshwar is 28 kilometres. Bhimashankar jyotirlinga is one of India’s 12 Jyotirlingas. The most interesting thing about the Trimbakeshwar temple is that its Shiva Linga has the faces of the three most powerful gods in Hindu mythology: Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwara.

Hindu mythology says that Trimbakeshwar is the holiest place. River Godavari starts here, and anyone who visits Trimbakeshwar is thought to have found salvation. Balaji Bajirao started working on Trimbakeshwar in 1755. In 31 years, the amazing piece of architecture was finished.

Bhimashankar Temple in Maharashtra

Bhimashankar Temple in Maharashtra

Three brothers named Tarakaksha, Vidyunmali, and Kamalaksha tried for a very long time to please Lord Brahma. When the Lord showed up in front of them, they asked for Tripuri, the three magical cities, to be put in heaven, in the sky, and on earth. The three demon brothers could only be killed by someone who could destroy all three cities with a single arrow. The trick was that this only happened once every 1,000 years, and only for a second. Lord Shiva used his Pashupataastra to do the impossible and destroy Tripuri all at once. And then he killed the three brothers who were demons. After all of that, Lord Shiva sat down on a mountain to rest. In Pune, the Bhimashankar Temple is now built in the same spot. And this is the famous story that goes with this temple!

Even though we would love to hear the story over and over again, it is time to go to the jyotirlinga. The jyotirlinga here is a Swayambhu Lingam, which means it came from the surface of the earth. This temple is well-known among pilgrims, and many of them come here every day. It also draws people who like nature and trekking because the area around the temple has beautiful scenery and exciting trails. The Nagara style of architecture that was used to build the temple is also impressive.

Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga in Maharashtra

Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga in Maharashtra

The Ellora caves and the Grishneshwar temple are very close to each other. The Grishneshwar is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. It is 11 km from Daulatabad in the city of Aurangabad. Ahilyabhai Holkar built the temple for the god Grishneshwar.

People say that a woman named Kusuma worshipped the Shiva Linga by putting it in a tank of water every day. The first wife of her husband killed her son because she was jealous of how good she was. Kusuma kept worshipping the Shiva Linga even though she was sad and hurt. When she put the Linga in the water, Lord Shiva showed up and gave her son life. Since then, Jyotirlinga Ghusmeshwar is used to worship Lord Shiva.

Parli Vaijnath Temple

Parli Vaijnath Jyotirlinga

The Parli Vaijnath Temple in the town of Parli in the state of Maharashtra is well known. This temple is in Maharashtra, India because most of the Maha Dwadash Jyotirlingas are there. In fact, all five of them are in this Indian state. The Shri Vaijnath Temple in Parli is in the tourist area of the city of Beed. This temple complex is a place where people come to relax and heal because of how beautiful and full of nature it is. This is, however, one of the most sacred Hindu shrines for people who follow the Saivite sect. Still, that doesn’t mean no one else could come. The Parli Vaijnath temple is always open to everyone. There is a story about how the temple was built.

Myths say that King Ravana of Lanka was a very dedicated follower of Lord Shiva. The Lord blessed the king because he was happy with his service. The Lord told Ravana that all of his wishes would come true if he took the lord’s idol from the Himalayas and put it on Lankan land. This is what Ravana did. Sage Narad put a dent in Ravana’s flight path, which made Ravana drop the idol here in Parli. Ravana was afraid that this book would make him too powerful. So, this beautiful temple made of stone was built. Many healing herbs can be found in and around the temple, which is a gift from God. Because of this, the Shri Vaijnath Temple was given the name Vaidyanatha.

Are there 3 or 5 Jyotirlinga in Maharashtra?

There are five Jyotirlingas in Maharashtra: Bhimashankar, Trimbakeshwar, Grishneshwar, Aundha Nagnath, and Vaijanath. Each one has an interesting story behind it that will keep you entertained as you walk through the beautiful forest and waterfalls on your way to these holy shrines.

What are the Jyotirlinga near Aurangabad?

The Ghrishneshwar Jyotirlinga Temple is 31 km from Aurangabad and can be reached by State Transport Bus or Private Taxi.

What are the Jyotirlinga near Pune?


What is the jyotirlinga near Shirdi?

Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga

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