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12 Names of Lord Surya

12 Names of Lord Surya – Dwadasha Namavali of Lord Sun

People from many countries have worshipped and praised the sun throughout history. The sun gives us light, warmth, and life. According to Hinduism, the sun is Lord Surya, a vital god for energy, vitality, and enlightenment. According to the Vedic texts, the 12 Names of Lord Surya are significant and are thought to include all of these heavenly beings’ different parts and traits. These names have been used in spiritual practices and ancient songs for a long time. They have changed how followers see and connect with the beautiful god.

As we go through the 12 Names of Lord Surya, we will learn the deep meanings behind each one and look at how they relate to different aspects of sun energy. From Mitraya, which means friendship and unity, to Bhanave, which means light and brilliance, each name gives us a glimpse into the many sides of this divine being. To better understand these names used for generations to inspire reverence and awe, join us as we explore the rich tapestry of Hindu mythology and philosophy.

12 Names of Lord Surya

  1. Mitra
  2. Ravi
  3. Surya
  4. Bhanu
  5. Khaga
  6. Pushan
  7. Hiranyagarba
  8. Maricha
  9. Aditya
  10. Savitra
  11. Arka
  12. Bhaskara

Lord Surya Names, Meaning & Mantra

Sr No.NameMeaningMantra
1MitraThe friend of allOm Mitraya Namah।
2RaviThe one who roarsOm Ravaye Namah।
3SuryaThe brilliant oneOm Suryaya Namah।
4BhanuThe bright oneOm Bhanave Namah।
5KhagaThe one who moves in the skyOm Khagaya Namah।
6PushanThe one who nourishes allOm Pushne Namah।
7HiranyagarbaThe golden source (of the universe)Om Hiranyagarbhaya Namah।
8MarichaThe Lord of the DawnOm Marichaye Namah।
9AdityaThe son of AditiOm Adityaya Namah।
10SavitraThe arouserOm Savitre Namah।
11ArkaThe one who is fit to be praisedOm Arkaya Namah।
12BhaskaraThe enlightening oneOm Bhaskaraya Namah।

Benefits of Chanting 12 Names of Lord Surya

In Hinduism, Lord Surya is the Sun God. Chanting his 12 names has many health benefits for the mind and the body. This practice can help your mind stay clear and focused while improving your physical health. Repeating these holy names creates vibrational energy that can balance your chakras and make you feel less stressed overall.

Additionally, people may feel more liveliness and energy when they invoke Lord Surya through these chants. This can be especially helpful for people who need daily drive and inspiration. It is also said that repeating the 12 names of Lord Surya will help you feel deeply grateful for the sun’s life-giving energy and connect you more with nature and its natural cycles.

It is said that incorporating this ancient practice into daily life can be a solid way to grow spiritually and personally. People may become more in tune with the natural flow of life and better able to handle its difficulties with grace and strength if they chant regularly. Eventually, following this ancient practice can help you understand how all living things in the universe are connected closer.

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  1. balla narasimha murthy murthy

    where is this sloka “Adityo , arko,ravihi,bhauh,bhaskara…….”

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