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Shitla Mata Aarti

Shree Shitla Mata Ji Ki Aarti

Shree Shitla Mata Ji Ki Aarti is a devotional song dedicated to the goddess Shitla Mata, an incarnation of the Hindu goddess Durga. It is sung in homage to her power and presence and is believed to be a source of inspiration and strength for devotees who sing or listen to it. Singing this Aarti is said to bring about inner peace, happiness, and spiritual well-being for those who are devoted to the deity.

Shree Shitla Mata Aarti in Hindi

जय शीतला माता, मैया जय शीतला माता
आदि ज्योति महारानी सब फल की दाता | जय

रतन सिंहासन शोभित, श्वेत छत्र भ्राता,
ऋद्धिसिद्धि चंवर डोलावें, जगमग छवि छात| जय

विष्णु सेवत ठाढ़े, सेवें शिव धाता,
वेद पुराण बरणत पार नहीं पाता | जय

इन्द्र मृदंग बजावत चन्द्र वीणा हाथा,
सूरज ताल बजाते नारद मुनि गाता | जय

घंटा शंख शहनाई बाजै मन भाता,
करै भक्त जन आरति लखि लखि हरहाता | जय

ब्रह्म रूप वरदानी तुही तीन काल ज्ञाता,
भक्तन को सुख देनौ मातु पिता भ्राता | जय

जो भी ध्यान लगावैं प्रेम भक्ति लाता,
सकल मनोरथ पावे भवनिधि तर जाता | जय

रोगन से जो पीड़ित कोई शरण तेरी आता,
कोढ़ी पावे निर्मल काया अन्ध नेत्र पाता | जय

बांझ पुत्र को पावे दारिद कट जाता,
ताको भजै जो नाहीं सिर धुनि पछिताता | जय

शीतल करती जननी तुही है जग त्राता,
उत्पत्ति व्याधि विनाशत तू सब की घाता | जय

दास विचित्र कर जोड़े सुन मेरी माता,
भक्ति आपनी दीजै और न कुछ भाता | जय

Famous Temple of Shitla Mata

Sheetla Mata Mandir Gurgaon is a major Hindu pilgrimage. Every day, a lot of pilgrims come here to pray and ask for blessings from the Goddess. This temple is in Haryana’s Gurgaon. Sheetala Devi is a goddess that people from many places worship. Worshipers come from Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, North India, and West Bengal. She is more commonly called “pox-goddess.” She is also known as the Goddess of ghouls, sores, pustules, and other diseases.

This temple is in Gurgaon village, near a pond. Sheetala Devi Mandir is in Haryana, near where Guru Dronacharya was born. The only time there aren’t many devotees is in the month of Shravana (July-August). During Chaitra (March-April), this place looks like another Kumbh-Mela. Mondays this month are busy with pilgrims.

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