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Sri Lakshmi Ashtottara Shatanamavali: 108 names of Goddess Lakshmi, Ashtothram in English

Sri Lakshmi Ashtottara Shatanamavali: 108 names of Goddess Lakshmi, Ashtothram in English

Sri Lakshmi Ashtottara Shatanamavali is a sacred prayer that lists 108 names of Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, and luck. People pray to Goddess Lakshmi for her blessings and to call on her divine grace. Each name in the Ashtottara Shatanamavali talks about a different part of the goddess and how she […]

Kali Mata Ki Aarti - Ambe Tu Hai Jagdambe Kali

Kali Mata Ki Aarti – Ambe Tu Hai Jagdambe Kali

Kali Mata is a goddess worshipped widely in India, known for her divine power and strength. She is often referred to as the Mother of Time and Change and is represented with many symbols such as a black or blue skin tone, four arms, jewellery, and a fierce expression. Each night, Hindus unite in devotion […]

Sri Karya Siddhi Hauman Mantra

Karya Siddhi Hanuman Mantra

The Karya Siddhi Hanuman Mantra is an ancient Hindu mantra that has been used for centuries to help devotees achieve success and prosperity in their lives. The mantra is said to invoke the blessings of Lord Hanuman, an important deity in the Hindu faith. This mantra is believed to bring about positive energy and attract […]

Sukh Karta dukh Harta

Ganpati Aarti – Sukh Karta Dukh Harta

Ganpati Aarti is a popular devotional song dedicated to Lord Ganesha. It is sung in praise of the Lord, who is believed to remove all obstacles and bring good luck. This beautiful song has been sung for generations by devotees in India, who come together to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi and other festivals associated with the […]

Ambe Maa ni Aarti

Ambe Maa ni Aarti – Jay Adhyashakti

The beautiful and powerful tune of Ambe Maa Ni Aarti is said to have originated in the ancient Hindu scriptures. Its words invoke reverence and devotion for Goddess Durga, also known as Ambe Maa. This aarti is particularly special for followers of the Hindu religion because it praises the goddess for all she has done […]

Shri Saptashrungi Devi Aarti

Shri Saptashrungi Devi Aarti

Shri Saptashrungi Devi is an important Hindu temple located near the city of Nashik, Maharashtra. It is one of the most significant shrines dedicated to Goddess Bhagawati and has been in existence since ancient times. Devotees from all over India come to offer their prayers to the Goddess and sing her Aarti. Saptashrungi Devi Aarti […]

Mata Chinnamasta Aarti

Mata Chinnamasta Ki Aarti

Mata Chinnamasta is one of the most powerful and revered goddesses in Hinduism. She is the embodiment of the Shakti – divine feminine energy – and is worshipped by devotees who seek her blessings and protection. Mata Chinnamasta’s worship has become increasingly popular over the years, and her aarti (hymns sung in her honor) is […]

Shivji Ki Aarti, Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Shivji Ki Aarti, Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Shivji ki Aarti, Om Jai Shiv Omkara is a powerful and sacred chant of Lord Shiva, the supreme God in Hinduism. It is believed that if one recites this aarti with utmost devotion, the Lord showers his divine grace on them. This aarti is also known as Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra or Rudra Aarti and is […]

Shitla Mata Aarti

Shree Shitla Mata Ji Ki Aarti

Shree Shitla Mata Ji Ki Aarti is a devotional song dedicated to the goddess Shitla Mata, an incarnation of the Hindu goddess Durga. It is sung in homage to her power and presence and is believed to be a source of inspiration and strength for devotees who sing or listen to it. Singing this Aarti […]

Jivdani Mata Aarti

Jivdani Mata Aarti

Jivdani Aarti is a Hindu ritual that has been practised for centuries to pay homage to the deity Jivdani. The ritual is performed at the Jivdani Temple located near Virar in Maharashtra, India and involves singing devotional songs and offering prayers to the goddess. This ancient ritual is believed to bring luck and fortune to […]

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